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December 2016

Colourful item

I chose the colorful item which is a dish. During the Christmas holiday, I with my friend Ann went to the southend-on-sea for travel, after we saw the sea, we search some information on the Internet, which there were a big market. We were interesting in the vintage items and retro clothes, so we decided to go to the market which sold many vintage items and retro clothes. Because the Christmas draws near, so we agreed to send each other a gift. This is the gift which she gave to me. I really like to collect the caps and dishes, so when I saw this dish I think it is so beautiful, whether the pattern or the colour match, it is amazing. So I decided to choose this as my colourful items.

I used the different media to draw the pattern, such as water colour, acrylic, colour pencil, crayon. Different media have different effect, also each painting I did a little change.



Evaluation | Movement project

This project is about “Movement”, it’s a very wild range, so I think it not only limited to literal meaning also can extend to other are, so I want to record more ideas related to the movement, and then choose one or several as my final ideas.

First day we had a group work, which found the movement in our daily life, we went out and used phone to take some pictures to record the movement of fabric and people’s action. First week I researched a lot of information about several brands, which attracted me and related to the “movement”, for instance, BLK DNM 2016 fall’s style is very simple and just use black and brown colour, but their look book is more dynamic, the model show the clothes which are not standing straight, they have many action and also use a cloth to wave, so make the style not boring, I think it give a lot of extra point. Also, some details attract me like the fringe and the shape, which looks like the sea wave and sport element etc.

Then, I develop my ideas which related to the movement, I do several different ideals such as gymnastic, light, basketball and smoke, I do some research and develop the idea in different ways, for example, I draw some painting, do some collage, make some sample and so on. Besides, I went to the V&A museum to find some primary research, I took some photos and chose two painting to develop. I also use some photos which I take in London to show the movement in the pictures. Additionally, I search some fashion films, I got a lot of ideas from the films, for example, the idea about gymnastic is found in the one of the film. When I saw the men wear the tight garment and do gymnastics, it inspired me, gymnastic is a sport which have a range of movement, so I can record the movement when people do gymnastics. From all the ideas, I choose the freedom and tight two ideas which are very contrasted, so that if I mix and match two together, it will be very interesting. I want to express the notion is that people have so many pressure in our daily life like something tie us and we want some room to release the stress.

Then I used the mini manikin to drape, I used the string to die the body and also I use the different fabric like mesh, reflection fabric, plastic fabric and so on. I draw several designs to show the ideas which inspired from the draping. Next, I start to design the final piece and also I show the process of making the garment on my sketchbook and blog. The fabric I used, I use the soft reflection fabric and hard fabric, the shape of the garment which some part are very tight, some part are very loose, all of those, I want to express my main idea and put them on my final design.

Because our final piece is a film, so I watched a lot fashion film to find some ideas and though about the content of the film. I want use the white background to stand out my garment and use the iron wire to tie the model’s body, then he would struggle to free himself. The make-up I use the glitter and draw under the eyes to make it looks like crying. The whole style don’t have other decoration, black is the main colour in my style. When I filming my video, how to explain the concept to the model, which is the most difficult thing I think and also model is not the professional actor, so when he is performing, he can’t performance freely and we both are feel a little bit embarrassed. After I finished the filming, I search some skills to make my video more professional. Besides, I search some brands how they use the social media to spread the product. I post my film on the social media and someone give me some comments. From this project I try to edit a film which is a new challenge for me.

Post on the social media & Review

屏幕快照 2016-12-18 下午9.30.25.png

I post my film on the Youtube and Weibo, I write the title and some information on the information box like introduction of the model, designer and director. Because different social media have different age of individual, so when I post my film on the platform, I will write different information to help people to understand what I want to explain. Besides, I think social media is a good ways to share works and let more people know about us.

After I post my film on the Weibo, I got some comments, a girl said:” Your model is so tall.”,others said:”very nice.”, another said:” breath of art.”, I also show the film to my friends, one of my friends said, he can’t understand this film’s content. In a word, different people have different opinions, so I think if they give me some advices are available and useful, I should accept and have improve next time, however, sometime we also get the negative comment.



Social media research 

屏幕快照 2016-12-18 下午4.18.06.png屏幕快照 2016-12-18 下午4.18.17.png

Ader error

  • ADER ERROR is a Korean designer’s brand, no design is too complicated or pompous, there are simple knitted sweater, hoodie, overcoat, which are oversize shape, cute retro colour and full of interesting little details. Brands try to sort out the classic basic style of clothing, re adjust them and give new concepts. In a number of South Korean brands, ADER ERROR’s talent show itself, this brand often invited, which photographer Can Dagarslani, illustrator Shin MoRae and graphic design unit of Camper Graphic are all artists to collaborate and produce a series of graphic works of different styles. Besides, on the official website can buy the latest items, it’s very convince. Additionally, there are many different social media like Instagram, tumblr and Facebook. On the Instagram, this brand have 233k followers. They usually post some photos which are very interesting, cute and colorful, although the design is simple style, they use lots of retro colour which make the page more lively. Another reason why this brand attract a lot of followers, because they often invite some photographers which the style is retro and old-school, so that the photographs on the website and social medias all have distinct characteristics which are attracted the people.  When they post the photos, they don’t have hashtags, so I think they gather fans because of the particular style of the style and design.


屏幕快照 2016-12-18 下午4.15.26.png


Vetements founded by Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia and seven anonymous members, Demna Gvasalia is the core figure! Vetements in French means “clothing”, simple and direct! I think this brand and ADER ERROR are two very different style of design,one is a very cool and theatrical style, another is very cute and simple style, even the marketing is very different, Vetements don’t pay attention on the web page, they usually post photos on the Instagram, which have very strong personality, they attract about 1M followers on the Instagram, which is a large number.  We can see many famous stars are often wear this brand’s clothes, so I think celebrity effect is also a great part of the success. They usually post a range of different collection which are very cool and intense. The price is not cheap but also many young people like this brands, because of the  strong style and many street element attract the young person.  Those two brand have the same feature is when they post photos, they don’t write a lot and don’t have hashtag, but the photos are enough attract the people.


Film editing 

At first, I use the computer to edit the video, due to I really like to watch the films, dramas,  Youtube channel and so on, also I sometimes film some short Vlog video, so I used to search some method to edit my video more professional, so I used to use the iMovie to make a draft and then use the After effects to make it more professional. First of all, I input all the media to the iMovie and I choose the good videos, then I follow the content to connect them together, which is a draft. Next, I add three different music, because my short have up and down, so I choose a short intro music which is the sound of thunder, a lively music and a peaceful music. Because I want to match the drumbeat and I think I use phone more convenience, so I change the device to edit it, I change the speed in different part to match the music. Besides, I change the colour of the video, some part I use the black and white, because there is a part of memory, some part I use more light white, Because I want to stand out this part to more attract people. After I edit the colour I want the whole video which is the same tone, so I change each video a little to match the colour.

After that I want my video more professional like the film, so I search some information, which is how to add a black frame, and I use the After effects to edit it. I try to add a frame, but I think it’s not good, so finally I don’t use it. The reason why I don’t use the frame is that my tableau is almost full, so if I add a black frame, it’s too full to be crowded. So finally, I just use the After effects to adjust the colour.

Make up & styling

IMG_3499.JPG屏幕快照 2016-12-18 下午4.02.33.png

Make up

Due to my video’s content, which is a person struggle to free himself, so I want to use the this make up, which looks like bursting into tears. I will use the three different glitter sticking under the eyes to make a effect which is crying. Because my eyes is so gorgeous, so I will not do more on the face, the other make-up are very simple and clean. The hairstyle I also want to be simple, because the eyes make-up is the point. I want to use the dark green nails, because my collar is the dark green, so those two can match and I will film the model’s movement which broke away from the iron wire, and my lens will focus on the hands, so I think do nails will make it better.


In the film, I will use the chain to tie the model’s body, so there is no more decoration. Because my garment is a top, so I want my model wear a simple jeans which is black. Due to my film’s background is white, so black is the best colour to show the garment.Besides, I want my model without shoes.



Design ideas 

I draw two design which is from my drapes, those two design I want to express tie so tight. I don’t want to use much colour, I just want to use single colour and pay more attention on the shape, the string I choosen the colour which is very contrast with the garments’ colour. 


I try to use different material to show bound the body, so I make some collage which are use the sting and different fabric. Imagine that if we tie the chest and knee, we will feel really uncomfortable and it’s hard to move. Besides, I use the mesh fabric which relate to my idea(basketball), and I want to use refection fabric to stress the main point – bind.

I try to show my ideas in different ways, so I make some collage. The point is using belt to tie the body and the belt not only can tie on the waist but also can be as the decoration, it can tie the neck and head. In my collage, I want to use oversize style with belt to show the freedom and bind. 

I draw two painting using watercolor. The first I just use the black colour, however with different colour the black will become different gray and I want it looks like wash drawing. I design two point which are the very heavy things on the shoulder and legs, I want to explain there are some stress on the shoulders. The second one I use a lot of layers and put them together, I want to explain people enwrap themselves. 

Fashion film plan


The film’s notion is about freedom and bind. At the beginning, the person is bound and kneel on the floor, and I will take several different scenes, which are the side, the front and the back. At this time I will add a memory lane, which is someone judge a book by its cover, and some pedestrians look at him strange, which are some bad memory. Then, I will  change the music, this time he watch the chain on the body and then look at the lane, the expression is looks like very disappoint and grieved. I will use the lane from far to near to film this part, finally I will focus on the eyes. This time music suddenly stop and he scream over loudly. Through he scream, he release the pressure from other people who judge him. Next, he close the eyes and the scene become dark, I will cover the shot and slowly to move and the scenes become light, this time the lens focus on the face and he open the eyes, it means he wake up and reborn. Then, he try to struggle to free himself.(It will be a long lens, because it the point in my film.) After he break away from the wire, I will focus on the wire first and then he lying behind the wire, this time he feel very peaceful and feel relieved, the last scene he close his eyes with smile.

Making drapes

When I have some ideas about how to do the drapes, I don’t want to use the manikin, because I want to design some detail which are on the arms or the legs. If I use the manikin, it don’t have the arms or the legs, it’s a little bit inconvenience. So I found some mini manikin which are make of wood and have arms and legs in our class, so I use it as my model.

At first, I just use the whole fabric to drape on the body and then use the string to roll over the body. I want to express something in our life are bound us, like some pressure from family and society. I using the string tie the body very tight, for example, one draping is cover the whole body, some other drapes are tie the part of the body. And I cut some stripe and sew a point to fix the shape, I just change the direction of the fabric to drape. Besides, I try some different fabric like mesh, transparent fabric, I tie a part of the body like arms or legs and make some part which is loose and give few space to move. Because my theme is about freedom and tight, so I also use the wire to make some shape which are to show the freedom and tight, those two contrast very strong, this is the reason why I want to use the iron wire.

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