The film’s notion is about freedom and bind. At the beginning, the person is bound and kneel on the floor, and I will take several different scenes, which are the side, the front and the back. At this time I will add a memory lane, which is someone judge a book by its cover, and some pedestrians look at him strange, which are some bad memory. Then, I will  change the music, this time he watch the chain on the body and then look at the lane, the expression is looks like very disappoint and grieved. I will use the lane from far to near to film this part, finally I will focus on the eyes. This time music suddenly stop and he scream over loudly. Through he scream, he release the pressure from other people who judge him. Next, he close the eyes and the scene become dark, I will cover the shot and slowly to move and the scenes become light, this time the lens focus on the face and he open the eyes, it means he wake up and reborn. Then, he try to struggle to free himself.(It will be a long lens, because it the point in my film.) After he break away from the wire, I will focus on the wire first and then he lying behind the wire, this time he feel very peaceful and feel relieved, the last scene he close his eyes with smile.