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September 2016

How do I see myself?

Three weeks is almost over,during this period I have a lot reflection .And there are some aspect which I think I’m good at and some are not.

I research a lot of information about the different type of style , also the designer and brands’ history, I learn a lot from those. And I put my point into my artwork ,for example , I mixed the historical things and the fashionable things ,because I think history is not the backward things and nowadays still have contact with the old things .If we can mix all of those that it’s very cool things.I use many different materials to show my ideas , such as string, velvet ,cotton and so on .I try to find different way to express my opinion,however,it isn’t used very well.Almost after class I will write blog to record what I do today.

I thing I am not good at printing and drawing ,so my collage is not good looking and not creative compared with other artwork .Besides, now I can’t use the artwork to show my whole understanding and to explain it .I don’t draw a lot ,because I am pool in drawing ,so I can’s express my mean clearly and record the ideas .

So,in the next rotation I hope I will do more practice in printing and drawing whatever I do it well or not,and try my best to explain what I think and what I understand about the subject.Try to identify what it’s my style and opinion more,and record the ideas even just small things.Try to do Photoshop and some skill on the computer.



Photography work 

IMG_0887.jpgIMG_0888.jpgIMG_0953.jpgIMG_0939.jpgIMG_0938.jpgIMG_0957.jpgScreen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.34.59.pngscreen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-39-52




“For FW16, Clare Waight Keller uses the Chloé runway to tell the story of Anne-France Dautheville: a Frenchwoman who rode her motorbike solo from France across three continents to Iran in the 1970s. The air of nostalgia and romance is felt as strongly as ever in the dreamy dresses and global nomad-appropriate outerwear, while biker-inspired striped leather separates give a nod to this season’s muse. We’re head-over-heels for the bohemian prints and tactile embellishments that give the collection its vintage leanings. Finish your look by swinging one of the label’s signature bags over your shoulder as you head out on your own travels, near or far.” From Internet. 



Egyptian-born, Parisian-adopted Gaby Aghion was an exotic beauty with a free-spirited bohemian character, and was noted as applying her personality to her clothes. Going against the stiff, conservative grain of the 1950s, Aghion produced soft and captivating clothes that really stood out at the time. Revolutionary by nature, she is credited with pioneering off-the-rack clothing and introducing the first ever prêt-à-porter collection under the now iconic Chloé label. A far cry from the couture collections of the time, it set the pace for easier pieces that suited the modern woman’s lifestyle. That contemporary relevance is just as prevalent now, with looks that exemplify effortless elegance and iconic accessories that pretty much every woman is after.

From Internet 


IF I wore chloe ,I will feel I like a angle.Because it use lots of detail make you more elegance.For example,they use chiffon fabric or satin which is soft to the touch ,and hemlines is pleated .Besides,I really like the bags whatever the Drow Bag,Faye Bag ,or Suddle Bag etc.It’s very easy to match any looks and metal ring have a special sense of fashion.

I make a GIF


Actually, I am not good at using computer ,so I almost don’t using PS ,it’s a little bit difficult for me .when I making this gif ,it’s not smoothly,I even can’t find where is saving .

But use a little bit PS is the basic skill ,so I will try to use PS to do some work.


Jamie Hawkesworth

Not to be Reproduced


Title : Not to be Reproduced

Medium: Oil

Artist: Rene Magritte

Date : 1937

Museum : Boijmans Van Beuningen.

This artwork depicted a man in front of the mirror and on the table there is a book .  Inside the mirror ,the book is normal,but something is strange which is the mirror showed man’s back,not the face. By common sense , we should see the obverse side of the man , so when I first time see it , which make me very confused. In this painting , the colour is not very colourful , just few colour in this work ,such as brown , orange , green ,black , and also those color are dark color ,so it make me feel a little bit serious and oppressive .

As we all know ,if we look at the mirror, we will see the obverse of face, the really appearance about yourself ,but in this work the artist showed a view of the back , it looks strange and uncomfortable . When we see it we will feel odd and think why the mirror show the back of the man? is there have some mystery in this painting ? It is a little bit hard to understand . so in my opinion,  I guess maybe he didn’t want to see what  he really looks like or dare not face the true self. He didn’t want to know about he really appearance and mind ,properly he had some things to be afraid , so the mirror just show the back . Besides , it also a surreal artwork , because in our daily life don’t have a mirror can see the back , it is just the imagination by the artist.

If we notice the book on the mantle,we will find this the only really thing reflected in the mirror.It’s a work by Edgar Allen Poe ,one of Magritte’s favourite authors. I consider it’s has a significance meaning about this artwork.The novel’s about an explorer who travels to the South Pole.Maybe this book can stand for something about him or he want to use this book to tell people something which he can say with the mouth ,so he use the different way to express it .


Victoria Beckham


“Victoria Beckham’s Fall/Winter 2016 is a return to Beckham’s strengths; namely, silhouettes that fit like a glove, and refined tailoring. The house’s signature corset-esque bodices have been reined back a bit into something that looks very comfortable, while still providing the fit we know and love. The approach is a versatile one: these pieces seem perfect for a night out, or paired with a high ponytail for more casual daywear. The line of striped, wool ribbed crewnecks and skirts are both sensuous and flattering, and will easily be edging their way into our must-have staples.”

From Internt




Since launching her eponymous fashion label in September 2008, Victoria Beckham has proved her critics wrong and become one of the most anticipated highlights of New York Fashion Week. From the outset Victoria Beckham’s collections have been representative of what the icon’s own personal style; her signature long, lean and sculpting dresses are fashion classics adored for their figure-transforming powers. There’s truly something magical about the way a VB dress can make you feel: it turns out that confidence can be bought and it’s got a Victoria Beckham label on it. And although we shall always rely on our form-fitting VB dresses in recent seasons, we’ve also been hugely excited to see how the brand has evolved with its unique take on dressing down and sportswear. If you want to look and feel great, Victoria Beckham is the brand for you, we can’t get enough.

From Internet

My point

In my opinion,I think VB is very easy to wear and can suit lots of situation,whatever you are a white-collar ,employee or staff.VB’s design is simple but not vapidity ,is slouchy but not casual.There also are some highlight in design,for example , stripes and the waist of the fold can have a significant effect of thin,and design with different materials to make a black skirt with a new vitality.

Another reason I like VB because I like the person who is Victoria Beckham.I think she is a cool woman ,because she not only is mother who have 4 children ,but also is a good designer and business woman. As we all know,she always wore the high-heeled shoes whatever she do anything ,even just go to supermarket to buy some food. I think this spirit of dedication to the fashion let me admire.

Traditional Chinese style 

I love Chinese style !

This is why I want to do this production ,I want to show people how the Chinese history was beautiful!

Wintersweet ,bamboo umbrella,calligraphy are very traditional Chinese items which are used in style ,and this model is Chinese famous star Bingbing Fan (mabey it’s it can let people know more about Chinese culture ,besides it can remind people to protect the excellent traditional culture.

This work also show the historical things can be used nowadays.

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