I chose the colorful item which is a dish. During the Christmas holiday, I with my friend Ann went to the southend-on-sea for travel, after we saw the sea, we search some information on the Internet, which there were a big market. We were interesting in the vintage items and retro clothes, so we decided to go to the market which sold many vintage items and retro clothes. Because the Christmas draws near, so we agreed to send each other a gift. This is the gift which she gave to me. I really like to collect the caps and dishes, so when I saw this dish I think it is so beautiful, whether the pattern or the colour match, it is amazing. So I decided to choose this as my colourful items.

I used the different media to draw the pattern, such as water colour, acrylic, colour pencil, crayon. Different media have different effect, also each painting I did a little change.