I draw two design which is from my drapes, those two design I want to express tie so tight. I don’t want to use much colour, I just want to use single colour and pay more attention on the shape, the string I choosen the colour which is very contrast with the garments’ colour. 


I try to use different material to show bound the body, so I make some collage which are use the sting and different fabric. Imagine that if we tie the chest and knee, we will feel really uncomfortable and it’s hard to move. Besides, I use the mesh fabric which relate to my idea(basketball), and I want to use refection fabric to stress the main point – bind.

I try to show my ideas in different ways, so I make some collage. The point is using belt to tie the body and the belt not only can tie on the waist but also can be as the decoration, it can tie the neck and head. In my collage, I want to use oversize style with belt to show the freedom and bind. 

I draw two painting using watercolor. The first I just use the black colour, however with different colour the black will become different gray and I want it looks like wash drawing. I design two point which are the very heavy things on the shoulder and legs, I want to explain there are some stress on the shoulders. The second one I use a lot of layers and put them together, I want to explain people enwrap themselves.