When I have some ideas about how to do the drapes, I don’t want to use the manikin, because I want to design some detail which are on the arms or the legs. If I use the manikin, it don’t have the arms or the legs, it’s a little bit inconvenience. So I found some mini manikin which are make of wood and have arms and legs in our class, so I use it as my model.

At first, I just use the whole fabric to drape on the body and then use the string to roll over the body. I want to express something in our life are bound us, like some pressure from family and society. I using the string tie the body very tight, for example, one draping is cover the whole body, some other drapes are tie the part of the body. And I cut some stripe and sew a point to fix the shape, I just change the direction of the fabric to drape. Besides, I try some different fabric like mesh, transparent fabric, I tie a part of the body like arms or legs and make some part which is loose and give few space to move. Because my theme is about freedom and tight, so I also use the wire to make some shape which are to show the freedom and tight, those two contrast very strong, this is the reason why I want to use the iron wire.