Today it’s time to take the final photography. I’ve booked the studio of the fashion promotion, because there are more options of the colour background, and also the light are more professional. My model is Jone. I went there about 11 o’clock, then I sat the light and the background, I chose the blue one, however, to be honest, I want to use the green one as well, but we didn’t have enough time to take too much photo, so I chose the blues one. After he arrived, we just directly started taking photo. At the beginning, we both felt embarrassing, because he was a little bit shy to camera, so I tried to encouraged him to release pressure and move the body. however, it didn’t work, so I thought about maybe play the music can help him to release stresses. Actually, it seems like a good idea. We both felt more relaxed, I asked him to sway with the music.