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March 2017

31/03/17 | Fashion show


Today we had fashion show, we went to King street to rehearsal about 10 o’clock. We tried on the model to adjust the size, after that models practiced the router of the show.

In the afternoon, I did some research in the class.

Illustration by Anny Wang


I found another illustration, which the colour attracted me. The background is light brown and the there are a lot of colors, like pink, silver, brown, sky blue and so on. I want to combine two illustration as my final colour board.



He used the shape of a grocery store carrier bag to inform long pinafore layers in stiff PVC fabric, and used actual black bags fused onto a sweatshirt with silicone panels, and a text warning against suffocation appeared as a print in the collection.

Strongest in the lineup were the oversize jean jackets that came in heavy coated cottons or acid wash denim, some with wide trailing ties, others with open seams between the waistband and back. Less appealing was Lee’s return to silicone. It looked disturbingly surgical in places and just unwieldy in others.


Fashion promotion’s students make up the models, the concept of the styling is highlight, they only put the highlight on the face, the hair fixed with hair band.


Finally, the fashion show was coming. At the beginning of the show, they played the films of fashion promotion’s students. We were waiting in the backstage and models divided into several groups and stood on lines. Then it was the fashion show, the models went out one by one, after all the group the designer took them went out to curtain call. Next, they played our fashion students’ film. The perfect end to the fashion show.


30/03/17 | research


Fausten Steinmetz 2016 Spring Ready-to-wear

Micro-pleated denim is among the new fabric developments in her repertoire.

Like the asymmetric tailoring and the washed denim with tassels. I want to use asymmetric tailoring to bring into my draping, chose one as a example to remind me.


Viktor & Rolf  FALL 2016 COUTURE



it relied on varying proportions of everyday base layers handwoven with leftover fabrics, boosted with swirling tulle volumes and embellished with heaps of hardware and buttons. Essentially, the designers performed a wondrous feat of conflating rag rugs with riches. Looks that grew from old army jackets and vintage jeans could be described as surplus-plus-plus. During a walk-through the designers pointed to a jacket that featured scraps from Hyères, their first collection dating back to 1993.

The textile which the designer used is related to my theme, indistinct, the handwoven fabric mixed different textures and different colour, I tried to make some fabric sample which is similar like this. Besides, the combination of the colours is so good, I like they used the dark green as the main colour and used some bright colour to make the whole garment more vivid and fresh.



car ride at night

24 x 18 inches, oil on paper, 2016

I really like this painting and the combination of the colour, which are the dark green, sky blue, blue, light purple and yellow. We can see the painting is very simple, it don’t have much pattern and decoration, but it’s enough to show the story which is about the car ride at night. I think the point is yellow, it looks like the shadow of street light when car ride very quickly on the road, besides, it make the whole painting more lively and interesting. I want to use those colour as my major colour.


29/03/17 | Fabric research


Today I went to the London and I went to LCF. First, I companied with Suzu to interview, second, I really wanted to see the campus of LCF, I have never been to there before, so I wanted to see the environment of LCF. Besides, I and Suzu wanted to do some fabric research and get some fabric sample from fabric shop. So that, we went to London at 10 o’clock and arrived at 11o’clock, then we took underground to go to the fabric shop, it’s quite far which is in the Goldhawk. There are a range of shops, we went to about 6 or 7 shops. I want to find the fabric which is transparent. So I thought about the PVC, I found a long time, I didn’t found the fabric which is colourful and hard PVC. Fortunately, I got a plenty of different fabric, like silk, mesh, denim and so on.

About 2 o’clock we started to go to LCF, suzu was doing her interview and I was waiting for her. After the interview, we just came back.

In the evening, I collected all the fabric sample I found and compared them.

PVC , I got three different fabric samples. One is very thick and hard, so I think it’s good to hold the shape, besides, they have so many different bright colours. Other two are thin and soft fabric, additionally, they are translucent and frosting. I think those type fabric is good to as the coat or jacket to cover outside, because it can have a hazy effect.

Loop back jersey, I searched several fabric samples of different colours , I quite like the texture of the fabric, one side is smooth, another side is the texture. Besides, the fabric is good as the sportswear and sweatshirt, it’s very soft, ventilated and the colour options that we can choose are variety.

Heavy stretch cotton, can be seen from the name, it’s more thick than the other cotton fabric, so it’s good to make stiff shapes. 

Cotton velvet, this fabric looks like very vintage and the texture of the cotton velvet is matt. There is a great contrast with the others.

Waxed cotton, the fabric is very thin and light, the colour are bright. Besides, the texture of the fabric is very smooth. It’s very comfortable to wear. 

Space cotton, it’s a very soft, ventilated and comfortable fabric. It’s not easy to make the exaggerated shape, but if we use 3D print technology, it can make some 3D pattern.

Valletta, 100% cotton , compared with space cotton, this fabric is more harder and it isn’t elastic, besides, the texture is suede. It’s can make the stiff silhouette. 

Patent leather, it’s a chemical fibres, the surface is patent leather, other side is elastic nettings. It have the gloss texture, waterproof and slightly elastic.

Denim, I am interesting in it, so I did some research about it. Denim is a thicker dyed warp surface twill cotton, warp colour deep, generally indigo, weft colour lighter.Divided according to the thickness of the denim: a thickness of 6 amps divided Ann 4.5 8 A 10 A 11 12 A 13.5 14.5 An. 4.5 Ann is often used for very thin summer Ms. vest, and sleeveless Shandeng 14.5 has been very thick, used to do the winter men’s cotton. And we often wear most of the jeans from 8 Ann-12 Ann.

Denim Features: 

1) cotton coarse yarn twill cloth, moisture permeability, good ventilation, comfortable to wear 

2) thick texture, clear lines after appropriate treatment, can be wrinkle anti-deformation.

3) indigo is a coordination color With a variety of color coat match, all seasons 

4) indigo is a non-firm color, the more wash, the more light, the more light, the more beautiful 

I searched a plenty of denim fabric, there are so many different colours. The reason why I chose denim fabric that it can redo other texture, we can wash it again and again, so the colour will change. Or if we scrub the denim fabric, it’s ripped denim.So I think it’s good to play with it.


27/03/17 |Development


Today I did the primary research which I found in MACBA Museum during the Barcelona trip. The artist used the pants as the figure to show the whole view of New York between 1919  and 1929. There are a range of painting which showed in different position and different perspectives. The funny thing is that he only used the pants, we can’t see any people. Additionally, painting shows the different shape of pants, for example, some was put on the box, some was twined together, and some the lining turned out. The different shapes are interesting and related to my theme. I thought about the clothes after washing also have similar shapes, so I drew them down. I spent a long time to drew this painting, because there are so many foldings and I drew very carefully.

24/03/17 | Research




In the morning, I completed my blog and did some research. I searched some information from Weibo which is a social media in China. The reason why I like to search information on this social media, because there are a range of bloggers sharing some information of different art work. I found some useful information, which is a look book of ROMANTIC CROWN 2017 spring summer. The photography place is in the laundry room, which is related to my theme.  Besides, the photography are quite interesting, someone sit inside the washing machine, someone sit in the laundry bags, it inspired me a lot, which the way to show the final piece. I think the place I will choose in the laundry room. Additionally, I found another photography work, which is by Ina Jang. In her work, the picture are very clean and unique, one of my most favourite photo is a yellow translucent paper covers the girls face, we still can see the face but not really clare and it change the real tone of face. It make me think about using the fabric which is translucent.

To be honest, today I didn’t do much work, the reason is tomorrow I have IELTS, so I used the rest of time in the class to practise IELTS. I know it is not right, so I promise it will not happen next time. 🙂

23/03/17 | Research


Today I kept doing some research, I found some pictures from pinterest, then I did some research which are related to those pictures.

Maison Martin Margiela Autumn/Winter 2011 Couture Collection


Couture Complexities – Worn by models with obscured faces, the fall 2011 couture collection from Maison Martin Margiela features a transformation of vintage silhouettes with hand-made tailoring and unusual materials. Spontaneous jackets and blazers made from camel hair, PVC, duck tape and cashmere are paired with transparent bottoms for a futuristic autumn.


MARK Lovejoy

There is something so mesmerizing and oddly palatable about Texan artist Mark Lovejoy‘s photographs. His process involves mixing paints, resins, oils, waxes, diluents, and drying agents to create fluid marbled imagery – but how does it all get so beautifully glossy and surreal? So I plan to do some thing similar like this, I will use acrylic and mix paint to do it.




In the morning, we had life drawing lesson.

Today we tried some different way to draw, at first, we have 5 to 6 minute to draw several posts of model, we just needed to draw the position, we don’t need to put more details, because  we would cut them and used them to make some collage. After drawing, we started to cut them and to combine them, I found we not only can use the person we drew, also we can use the rest of paper, the shape of people, so I used 4 positions and pick up some pieces to show the movement. I haven’t finished the collage and tutor said we will continue to do this next week.

In the afternoon, I continued t0 complete my small sketchbook for the Barcelona trip.

Then we have tutorial to talk about the trip. When they talked about the New York trip , the Guggenheim Museum attract my attention, it shows the work are most of 20 century arts, I really want to visit it, not only the art work they showed also the architecture and interior design. And everyone who went to the New York the first impression was so cold, that was so funny. To be honest, after we presentation, I thought the trip for Barcelona was the best, cause we had the nice weather, nice museum and nice food. Alright maybe because I really like Barcelona.

20/03/17 | Research


After trip, the weekend I came to school and continued to do my sketchbook. I asked my friends to help me to take some photos when I am washing the clothes, I want to show the folding when I twist clothes and the different shape of the clothes. I observed the clothes how it changed the shape, I sketched some drawings and I want to use fabric to show the textures, so I try to use fabric to make some samples. It’s not easy for me to make some samples, it came up a lot of problems, for instance, if I choose the fabric too soft, it can’t hold the shape very well. Additionally, I chose a way to make some foldings which is easier way in my opinion, which I used sewing machine to sew two lines, then pull a string to make it more tighter, so there are lots of folding, yet, it’s easy to break when I pull the string which is very frail and thin. I tried several different fabrics, finally I got a successful piece.

In the afternoon, I still did my sketchbook. The last but least step of washing clothes is to hang the clothes. I used water colour and pen to draw a painting, which shows previous people how to hang the clothes, besides, I used the strings to make the painting more 3D and more funny. When we hung the clothes, we may used laundry clip to fix and hung upside down the clothes. It caught my attention and let me think about why not make a garment like this, so I sketched some drawing. For example, wear the back side, even the collar don’t suit for the body, or using the laundry clip to hang the bottom of the clothes. In addition, put the romper’s suspenders down and use the clip to fix trousers.

Barcelona Trip D-5


IMG_7801.JPGFullSizeRender 47.jpgFullSizeRender 50.jpgFullSizeRender 49.jpgIMG_7835.JPGIMG_7841.JPG

The last day, we went to the building which designed by Gaudi and it’s in the centre of the Barcelona, so it’s not far from the hotel and walked to there. We looked around the building, each part of the building were so good, even the furniture in the room were so exquisite.

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