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February 2017

27/02/17 | research

On the weekend, I with Suzy and sowing went to the London fashion week festival. To be honest, it was my first time to see a fashion catwalk, I really enjoy the environment at that time. Models wore the garment and walked with the beat of music, although it’s just about 10 minute show, it still gave me more passion on the fashion design. I feel what I am doing, it’s my habit and passion, I want to spend all my life to do this as well. For the collation which we looked at, the designer called Huishan Zhang who graduated from CSM, actually I don’t really like the design, I don’t know the reason, I just think it’s not my style, however, the experience was quite good for me.

In the morning, I did some research. I found some photography which is using the future element. The shoot is conceptual and futuristic—Andrej dons huge metal accessories in muted colors and his skin is even painted in slick metallic shades.   It used the metal material and some reflection element, I really like this photography and also t inspired me a lot. I used those photograph as the element to make a collage to show the idea, besides, I used the metal material to make a sample to show if we use the metal on the garment.




24/02/17 |tutorial


In the morning, I wrote the proposal which is the illusion. I consider the research I have done and what I plan to do. Before I wrote the proposal, I made a mind map to arrange the ideas. Besides, I made a mood board, the mind idea is the optical illusions and I combined the the mirrors and one design.

The first idea is about the mirror, so I make several collages.

 I showed the two photos which I took in Nottingham, and I find some different shape of mirrors, using the piece of mirrors to show the reflection of mirrors. I have another idea which is about broken mirrors, it inspired me, so I think about some special materials like glass, transparent plastic and metal, so I found some material from product design and used them to make a collage. 


In the afternoon, we had a tutorial to talk about the themes which we chose. Tutorial is a very useful way to improve ourselves, because from the tutorial we can get different ideas from other members and tutors. When I said the theme, indistinct, tutor gave me a suggestion, which is about the memory, for instance, the scene is about we are talking about something, four people sat down and one person showed her work, people wore different colorful clothes, now maybe we can remember very clearly,but how about 1 month later? How about 1 year later? Can we remember all the details about the clothes ? I think we can’t, so the memory will become indistinct, maybe just a piece of memory or just a shadow. I extended the idea, i want to use the painting to record the most important memory, and in different periods. 

After the tutorial, I wrote another proposal, which the theme is about the indistinct. 

23/02/17 | Thinking about the theme | Indistinct


Another theme I want to choose is Indistinct. I came up with this idea because I am nearsighted, so when I don’t wear the glasses, I can not see particularly clear. However, sometimes I think it’s so inconvenience, but one day I found if I can’t see very clear, I will see the shadow of the item or just the tone of the item, but if put all the things together, sometimes there are different feeling and I feel everything mix together. Additionally, I really like rainy day, I liked to have a cup of coffee and look at the scenery in the rain, the raindrops on the window, so the scenery outside it’s indistinct. So I think there are a plenty of  the indistinct things in our life, and I can find something new.


I got this idea from the music video “Yes no maybe” by Suzy. There is a scene about she sit in front of the laundry and wait for her clothes. It inspired my, we put the messy things in the washing machine, soak, rotate, squeeze, dehydrate and dry, after a series of processes, we got the clean clothing, however, the clothing are messy as well, because maybe the socks in the coat pocket, the trousers and shirts are entwined. In different situation, the state of clothing are different, maybe there are many foam or it’s wet and the colour of the clothing become darker and so on.

It’s like our life, always all the feeling mixed together, the happy things, the disappointed things, the exciting things, the blurred image in our mind, it’s maybe is a image or a voice, but all the things are not clear. However, when we clean our mind up, like the clothing after washing,  the clothing will become clean and our life will become straight.  Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 14.07.53.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-23 at 13.57.14.png

2. memories / lost in mind

To be honest, this is idea I inspired from tutor, they said this time we can remember all the detail about the situation, after 1 hour , we will know the content but we may not remember that people what they wear and the scene will become unclear. And after 1 day, we may remember the feeling and the scene just a shadow in our mind. Then I think this is another distinction, it’s a feeling in our mind and as time goes on it will become more and more indistinct.

When we burn something, it have a development. A paper, we fire it, it turn to red and have the yellow light, then when it burn out, it become black piece and ash, the words on the paper was disappear as well.

4. shadow


22/02/17 | Thinking about the themes | Illusion


Today morning we have life drawing, we used the chalk to draw. I really like using the chalk, because all the colour can mix together and using the chalk let me feel more relaxed. Besides, we used the colour paper and put more colour on our painting, I tried to use more colour, when we are using the colour, we need to think the background and to match them, it’s a great way to draw life drawing, I like it.

In the afternoon, I keep thinking the themes and the element which can combine with the themes. Firstly I want to use the “mirrors” as my first theme, however, after I search some information, I found that the reflection of the mirrors is kind of illusion and there are a lot of illusion in our life, besides, the theme which is  “illusion” can include more, so I want to use this them.

There are another element I think which related to the theme.




I think mosaics it’s kind of illusion, nowadays people changed a lot and put it t0 as the decoration for building and wall. It let me get inspiration, I want to use CD to make a similar one, because the CD also have the reflection and cut it to make several pieces, recombined them.


I will go to the Barcelona, and there are so many fantastic GAUDÍ building, so I think I can got more primary research.

2. film-The illusion

I search a film which relate to the illusion, I plan to watch this film.

3.optical illusions


The original version of this illusion was first reported by German physiologist Ludimar Hermann in 1870, and simply involves a white grid on a black background. As you move your eyes around the image, dark dots quickly appear and disappear at the intersections. However, whenever you look directly on any intersection, the dark dots vanish.




-3D Illusion Wallpapers-




This amazing illusion was created by Edward H Adelson from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although it may seem impossible to believe, the squares marked ‘A’ and ‘B’ are actually exactly the same shade of grey! Your eyes and brain are constantly trying to figure out the colour of the objects around you, and in doing so automatically compensate for shadows. The square marked ‘B’ is in the shadow cast by the green cylinder, while the square marked ‘A’ is outside of the shadow. Your eyes and brain see that the two squares are the same shade of grey, but then think, ‘Hold on – if a square in a shadow reflects the same amount of light as a square outside of the shadow, then in reality it must be a much lighter shade of grey.’ As a result, your brain alters your perception of the image so that you see what it thinks is out there in the real world.




The horizontal lines in this image appear to be sloping, but in reality they’re parallel to one another. Why does it work? Although it’s easy to see the mortar line between two black tiles or two white tiles, it’s much harder to see the mortar line between a white tile and a black one. Your brain fills in the gap by seeing it as part of either a white or black tile. This, in turn, makes the tiles look wider at one end than at the other, creating the illusion of a series of wedge-shaped tiles, which makes the lines appear to slant. 

-ROTATING SNAKES-article-1314281-0B4E91FC000005DC-835_634x434.jpg

Although the coils in the image appear to be rotating, in reality they’re completely stationary. The effect works best in peripheral vision, so when you stare at one of the coils it will appear stationary while those around it will appear to rotate. This wonderful illusion was created by Japanese psychologist Akiyoshi Kitaoka from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.


Magic is a kind of illusion, because in fact, magic is not true, people use some skill to let people believe that’s true. Make a illusion installation is the same, using people’s feeling to create some interesting thing.


20/02/17 | New project starts | thinking about the themes


Today I starts to search some information about the themes which I will choose as my major project, during the half term holiday, I went to the Nottingham to travel, at that time we lived in a horse which had a wall full of mirrors, it’s so pretty. It inspired me a lot.

1.There are a plenty of mirror, when I stand on the  different direction, I can see different things. It is very extensive and interesting. Additionally, the shape of the mirror are various, so I think I can use the shape of mirror, also mirror’s texture is really different, I will try to find some special fabric.  I think I can go to some shop which sale the mirrors to do primary research.IMG_6360.JPG2. I remembered we learned from the contextual studies, it’s a painting which is Not to be Reproduced by Rene Magritte, the painting shows a man stand in front of the mirror but the weird thing is that the mirror shows the back of the man, besides there also is a book on the table, but the book is normal which is means the direction of the book is right. It’s very interesting I think, linked to the daily life we saw the mirror very day but we never think why we can the front of the face, not the back, so this painting make me think about it.




Put the mirror on the different direction, it will reflex different thing, particularly if we put the mirror on specially appointed, mirror will make the illusion, so the sense of visual is strengthened.



4.distorting mirror / magic mirror

Sometimes people will change the shape of mirror to make it more interesting, for example, some magic mirror will make the face more longer or sometimes make the face more bigger. Besides, some mirrors have many sides, so it will reflex a lot of sides of staff, the some part of the staff was changed, made a interesting result.


5.mirror installation

Put the different shape and size of the mirror together, and recombine. It inspired me, maybe I can use this idea, combined the different fabric and also I can choose the fabric which have the reflection.

I plan to go to exhibition to see some mirror installation.


6.broken mirror

The broken mirrors have a lot of sides, so it can reflex the light and it just can show the part of the staff. Then I think about, why not we leave a blank in the garment, it is not necessary to do whole garment with the fabric.


illustration | suit

illustration body2.jpg

I try to use different material to make illustration, such as embroidery, knitting, collage, painting which used acrylic, water colour, colour marker etc. I copy the colour painting and my colour board to make a collage. I weaved some knitting piece and also used some yarn and ball to show the element which is related to the sound wave. Besides, I  chose one design and used the embroidery to sew a piece, I used the geometrical shape of ear and put the decoration of diagonal line.

Making process | suit



This is the original garment which I bought from the charity shop, then I cut the sleeves and collar, I disassemble two sleeves and sew them up on the bottom of the garment to make it more longer.


I used the fabric is a curtain from the charity shop, I used the paper to make a ear sculpture at first, then along the line to mark on the fabric, next step is to sew one layer and cotton up, then sew another layer, make sure we sew the side is inside, before we finished sewed, cut the redundant fabric, left a distance and turned over to the outside, then sewed the distance up.


I weave some yarn piece to decoration the ear and It’s to put some shadow and tone on the ear. Besides, I sewed a wide yarn around the top of ear to show the damaged ear. Then sewed the ear on the garment.



I cut a part the back and sewed a knitting piece to make it well arranged. Actually I want to sew some yarn on the middle of the piece to make it like a ear, but firstly I don’t have time and also it’s difficult to sew wool yarn, so it’s a disappointed thing.


I used the wide wool yarn to weave some piece and also use fabric and cotton to make some geometrical piece, then sew them on the garment. I used the different material and mix them, because I want to make the garment more diversification and more interesting.




I used the material is a sleep bag, I found it in the charity shop, it’s blue and very soft, also more thick than other fabric. Cutting two piece and rolling them to make a  piece like a corn. Then I weave two knitting piece and using yarn to connect  them together, on the bottom I make some tassels. Final step is to sew them on the garment.


Making trouser


I used the fabcric are the curtain which are blue and green. First I used the green fabric to make a normal size trouser, I don’t change anything, however, my design is two different colour and one leg is thin and long, one leg is wide and short, so I cut a length of trouser and covered a blue fabric to make it looks like more lose.

IMG_5536.JPGIMG_5537.JPGBesides, I used the double layer to fix the hem, because leather more hard so I used the leather to fix the hem and also make a range of folder to tie the bottom like a flouncing.


Due to the fabric is the curtain, I also use the hole in the fabric and skewered a string to tie the top of trouser.


Then I used the knitting to decoration the trouser and also I used the rest of fabric which is a length of clothing with some holes. I sewed them on the trouser.


The concept of the make-up is just ear, because my body part is the ear and when we thought about the facial features, the first think we pay attention is the eyes or mouth, so I want to cover the eyesbrowm,  lash and lip, make the face very bright.


Evaluation | suit

When I started to do this project, I was confused about choosing which part of body as my choice. I thought about a lot of, on second thought, ear is not very important when we thought about the facial feather, almost people will think about the eyes is the first thing we recall, besides, ear is not in the middle of the face, it is in the side of the face, so sometimes we don’t pay attention to person’s ear, however in the fashion show, the ear is also a very important part to show the detail of the design. Additionally, different people have different shape of ear, also animal’s ears are different, so I search some information about ears.
For example, the different animals also have different shapes of ear, something’s shape is similar to the ear like the cute body in the amniotic fluid, the shape looks like the ear. I develop the idea using different material to show the ears. Ear modification and broccoli ear are two things I think related to the ear, so I did a mood broad and drew some paintings. I also got some primary research, I took several photo about the ears which are my friend’s ears and I used the different media to draw them. In the life drawing lessons, I also drew some ears. I went to the Barbican exhibition, it’s a really cool exhibition, there are a lot of exaggerated clothing and gave me a range of ideas about the design, I drew some drafts and write some information about the history or background about the garment, besides after I came back, I drew a painting which is inspired by one of them. It’s a geometric ear and I put the plastic material to show the reflection.
I search some collection which related to the topic- exaggerated shape. I really like the collection which is from the Westminster graduation show, I try to find some information about the collection, but there are no more information. So I thought about some artists who related to the collection. I don’t know it is the real inspiration for designers, however I just wrote something that I real thought.
After research, I started to do some drapings, I tried to use several ears and putted them together. I used the shape of animals’ ear and geometric figure, however I think some shape I don’t really like, I still keep them here, just to show I used the idea from the research. I associate with the ear modification and broccoli ear, so I used the bubble to show the feather about the broccoli ear.  Besides, I thought about something outside the ear, but also related to the ear.The sound wave we can’t see, but nowadays there are many way to show the sound wave which use the figure, so I search some information about this and follow the shape to make a sculpture. I used the hard paper and the wire to fix the shape.
Then we used some idea from the body sculpture to develop the garment. Due to ear have a range of shape, so I think for me it’s a good way to design some interesting shape of garment. I like to use the pencil to draw the design, the free line can help me to imagine the interesting shape and exaggerated design. Next I chose 6 design to draw a line-up with colour. Besides, I used the embroidery to make several illustrations and I also make some collages.
Finally, I need to make the garment , it’s hard to find the fabric which I want in the charity shop, and my design need a lot of knitting piece, it spent me lots of time. The big ear I sewed by hand also spent me a lot of time, and I know maybe next time I can use the pin to replace sewing. Due to the suit is unisex, so I found a female and a male to try on the garment, it showed the different feeling which is the most interesting thing I think.
In conclusion, the project extended my view and I thought a lot of exaggerated silhouettes, also I known how to make a trouser.

How to make a trouser

Today tutor showed us how to make trouser. The first step is to confirm the grain line, make sure the grain line on the paper align the grain line of the pattern, also we need to make sure we leave enough spare to draw the pattern of the front and back. Then along the line draw, next step is to leave about 1.5cm space to sew up, so we along the line which we already drew it, then draw the another same line. We also need to draw the back one and sign the front, back and the number of the pattern. Finished that, then we need to cut them and fold the fabric, make sure the fabric is smooth. If we want to save the fabric or use the fabric again, we prefer to use the fabric from the top. Bound the fabric and the pattern, then start to cut.

After cut the fabric, it’s time to sew them up. Because I chose the pattern have 4 piece, so first we need to confirm it’s one side and one is back, one is front. When we saw them up, make sure is the inside and leave one side open on the top of trouser. After we saw two individual  legs, we find the two more wildly semi- circle side and  sew them, it’s the back side, because the buttock are more wildly than the front. And the front is the same step. The finial step is to sew the zipper or elastic, also we can make some decoration. Then the trouser done.

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