IMG_3499.JPG屏幕快照 2016-12-18 下午4.02.33.png

Make up

Due to my video’s content, which is a person struggle to free himself, so I want to use the this make up, which looks like bursting into tears. I will use the three different glitter sticking under the eyes to make a effect which is crying. Because my eyes is so gorgeous, so I will not do more on the face, the other make-up are very simple and clean. The hairstyle I also want to be simple, because the eyes make-up is the point. I want to use the dark green nails, because my collar is the dark green, so those two can match and I will film the model’s movement which broke away from the iron wire, and my lens will focus on the hands, so I think do nails will make it better.


In the film, I will use the chain to tie the model’s body, so there is no more decoration. Because my garment is a top, so I want my model wear a simple jeans which is black. Due to my film’s background is white, so black is the best colour to show the garment.Besides, I want my model without shoes.