This project is about “Movement”, it’s a very wild range, so I think it not only limited to literal meaning also can extend to other are, so I want to record more ideas related to the movement, and then choose one or several as my final ideas.

First day we had a group work, which found the movement in our daily life, we went out and used phone to take some pictures to record the movement of fabric and people’s action. First week I researched a lot of information about several brands, which attracted me and related to the “movement”, for instance, BLK DNM 2016 fall’s style is very simple and just use black and brown colour, but their look book is more dynamic, the model show the clothes which are not standing straight, they have many action and also use a cloth to wave, so make the style not boring, I think it give a lot of extra point. Also, some details attract me like the fringe and the shape, which looks like the sea wave and sport element etc.

Then, I develop my ideas which related to the movement, I do several different ideals such as gymnastic, light, basketball and smoke, I do some research and develop the idea in different ways, for example, I draw some painting, do some collage, make some sample and so on. Besides, I went to the V&A museum to find some primary research, I took some photos and chose two painting to develop. I also use some photos which I take in London to show the movement in the pictures. Additionally, I search some fashion films, I got a lot of ideas from the films, for example, the idea about gymnastic is found in the one of the film. When I saw the men wear the tight garment and do gymnastics, it inspired me, gymnastic is a sport which have a range of movement, so I can record the movement when people do gymnastics. From all the ideas, I choose the freedom and tight two ideas which are very contrasted, so that if I mix and match two together, it will be very interesting. I want to express the notion is that people have so many pressure in our daily life like something tie us and we want some room to release the stress.

Then I used the mini manikin to drape, I used the string to die the body and also I use the different fabric like mesh, reflection fabric, plastic fabric and so on. I draw several designs to show the ideas which inspired from the draping. Next, I start to design the final piece and also I show the process of making the garment on my sketchbook and blog. The fabric I used, I use the soft reflection fabric and hard fabric, the shape of the garment which some part are very tight, some part are very loose, all of those, I want to express my main idea and put them on my final design.

Because our final piece is a film, so I watched a lot fashion film to find some ideas and though about the content of the film. I want use the white background to stand out my garment and use the iron wire to tie the model’s body, then he would struggle to free himself. The make-up I use the glitter and draw under the eyes to make it looks like crying. The whole style don’t have other decoration, black is the main colour in my style. When I filming my video, how to explain the concept to the model, which is the most difficult thing I think and also model is not the professional actor, so when he is performing, he can’t performance freely and we both are feel a little bit embarrassed. After I finished the filming, I search some skills to make my video more professional. Besides, I search some brands how they use the social media to spread the product. I post my film on the social media and someone give me some comments. From this project I try to edit a film which is a new challenge for me.