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October 2016

Fashion evaluation

Before I start studying fashion,I never learned. So I am looking forward to studying this subject , and in my mind ,I think fashion is just to design clothes, but after learning for a period of time ,fashion is not just about design ,it also included styling ,sewing skill ,photography and so on.
The first project is group work ,we need to research one brand and make the mind map ,mood board ,paper clothes. Firstly ,we had a meeting and decided each one to do different research ,it’s a good way to do the work more quickly and everyone can focus on one or two part of the design. And then we put the information together to do the mind map . It’s not easy to do the team work ,because we need to discuss each things like which looks as our main clothes and the photography. And at the same time ,everyone had their own opinion ,so it is not easy to got everyone’s opinion together ,we need to communicate with other member ,besides ,we all from different countries ,so we just try our best to let other member know about what I want to express. From the project l known the communication is very significant ,when we work for a company ,we need to work with other people ,we can’t do everything by ourselves ,so term work is extremely important.
Then we went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in order to find some inspiration from the painting. I choose two painting which are abstract artwork to draw it on my own way, because of the abstract artwork ,so it’s difficult to explain it. I tried to use different material to express what I realize those artwork ,such as pen , ink , acrylic ,watercolor ,oil crayon and so on.Also ,I used some special material like the velvet and drawing the color on it to show my point. Actually , I am not good at using the acrylic and watercolor,however I tried to use it and tried to practice it more ,because I think different material can show different texture about the work. In last rotation ,I don’t show many development about the work ,so this time I put the development of the painting in the sketchbook.
According to the painting ,we went to the secondhand shop to buy some garment and do some drapes ,then draw it down. It is a very special experience for me to do some design using the charity shop’s garment and reform them. During doing the drapes ,it’s inspired me a lot ,I don’t mind wearable ,just care the shape and matching about the different garment . Additionally, we learned how to using the sewing machine,before I never do it
I think it’s easy to do this ,but when I try it I feel it’s not easy to control and do it well . There are plenty of the detail we need to pay attention when we are using the sewing machine.
Afterwards,I did the 20 design in different way,some I draw the common style ,some I used the shape of painting ,some I used the color . Also ,I used different medium like watercolor,oil crayon ,color pencil etc. and do some collage according to the fashion illustrator. Then,I start to doing my final design ,I did not just use the garment ,I used the fabric and cut them to mix all of fabric. Also it need to do the styling and photography , so we should consider all the things ,for example, what style is match to the clothe and where can we do the photography. And I think in order to the final effect, the styling and photography are also very important ,it is the key to show my design.
In conclusion , after learned fashion my thought is change and there are very different from the beginning. I think fashion not only to make clothes ,also it should got some ideas and develop them to put in my design. When I making my final design ,there are many complicated process need to do. Although it very difficult to learn ,I am still interesting in it and enjoy this period.



My design’s colours are cold tone and use the geometrical element ,there also are a lot of aquare figure. Additionally,the design is simple and a little bit special ,so I want the stlying can be consistent with it.  I use the simple line on make-up and put the eyelash on the cheek which reflects it special. Also, about the lip I use the gilitter to make the whole make up more attractive. The hair style I choose the curly hair replace straight hair , because my whole style are use the geometrical element and straight lines, so I want to do some changes on the head.

Making process 

First ,I cut a sleeve and in aother arm I stitch up a long sleeve with different color.  Also ,I choose the end of scarf ,there are some pattern and fringe ,so it a little bit special on the sleeve which is the reason why I use this part of scarf.


Then I use the rest of scarf to do a decoration which is folding piece . First I fixed the fabric with the folding and then use the sewing machine to sew the fabric.

I mix two fabric ,one is cotton ,other is knitting wool,and those two have different texture,so it looks different.  This is one side of the pant. Then  I put another fabric to make other side of pant. Those three fabric colors are belong gray one is dark gray ,another is light gray.

Then,I want to do some decoration, I also choose the same fabric ,but put it other side to make it look More special. And I confused to choose Which one as my design ,so I ask my friends opinion ,they say the first one maybe better,and in my opinion I also think the different colour and the direction more better.

Next ,I use the rest of the sweater cutting this in a shape of square ,and put it in the pant. The sweater is dark purple ,and the colour is very different from another colour in the pant .Connected with the painting ,there are certain colour ,so I do some changes and put it together.Additionally, I cut the dark gray fabric and connected with the part of pant, the reason is that on both sides of the contrast is more intense.

This is my finally work.



Max Tomlinson,Chanel advertisement,DAZED,Vol IV Autumn 2016


“A mascara that focuses on the essential. Length, curl, definition, volume and care: it provides just enough coverage to intensify the expression of the eyes and reveal their every dimension.

Application is made easy with the intuitive brush and creamy texture. The longwearing formula does not run.”

Available at : October 2016)


“The iconic blush by CHANEL. The essential step to enhance the complexion, structure the face or create a healthy glow effect.
A soft, silky powder texture. A travel-friendly case for easy touch-ups throughout the day.

Result: a touch of colour and radiance to enhance the complexion.”

Available at: October 2016)


Available at : October 2016)

20 design 

Firstly,I showed six different style which is very common style and can be wearing in daily life.Also I connected with the painting ,in the clothes there are many different color split joint together or using the different texture fabric. Besides,I made donates as the models head which is connected with the illustrator ,because she always use some items which are interesting and search from daily life.  The shape all belong to the profile design,and not very fit.

The pattern is from the part of painting and I using the pen draw a same shape. I put the pattern as my clothes and I show the idea development of the making.  The the first one I don’t change any thing ,just use the original appearance. But I think is enough because it’s look like special and interesting.  🙂 The second one I cut the different color and split joint together to make the shape differently.Because I want the shape more profile.

The first one is a sweater and cover a corsets. I like the two color and put together. Using the corsets is because swearter is loose ,so it’s can outstanding figure.  And the end of the clothes is a pattern like brick,I think is fit the whole style.   I inspired when I walking to school.

The background is my drawing which I imitated the painting,and I cover a cellophane paper,then I draw some simlpe look in the paper.  I want to express I just use the color of the painting as the different shape of the clothes. Don’t care too much about the arm need to use a color and the collar need to use another color,we can mix all of them.

I design two different clothes using pen and crayon. Because of my choice of illustration artist,her style is a bit exaggerated,so I try to use colourful color and make the patch shape. Then I use the fabric to make a clothes. The black leather is the grounding ,and I put some different fabric to do some decoration .Additionally,I make a puff sleeve with two different fabric and texture ,also in the end of the dress decoration with fringe.

I print different fabric and cut different size to make some collage.  I use the string to make a bowknot and long ribbon,and use lace fabric to make a pagoda sleeve.

How to use the sewing machine 

Today totur touch us how to use the sewing machine to do the basic sewing.  

The first thing is to make sure plugging  in and also pedal was connected.  The pedal need to be put in a comfortable position when you sit down,because I will decide how good you use the sewing machine. 

Second,the needle have two sides ,one is like a half circle,and aother is flat. We need to put the irregular side inside,because it will fit with machine.  Then we need to prepare the string and put it into the small box and don’t put in a wrong side.  

There are two bottom on the right ,the big one is to change the position of needle and the small one is to change the type of the string shape.  It have two small window which are show the different length and wildth ,we can change it to choose what we want.  

In the end , we just to practice to use the sewing machine. We use the paper instead the fabric to practice ,such as the straight line ,curve line ,wave line and so no.  I think the straight line is the most easy to do ,and the wave line is the most difficult to do ,because we need to change the direction of paper and be careful.   

Secend hands shop and reform 

Those are showing the clothes which I bought from the second hands shop. The reason why I choose those clothes not another clothes is because those colour are connected with the painting which I choose like brown ,grey ,dark purple and green. And I choose the clothes don’t with many decorations. 

I use the four garments to reform the new clothes and I try to connect with the painting. The painting show the different colours  joining together in one piece ,so I  put the garments of different colour together but not overlapping just use the basic way. Also I try to make the design more interesting and special. I rolled it up and make it wrapping around the body. Besides,I broken the traditional concept,the pants and skirts not only can be as the pants and skirts but also can be as the top ,even just as a shawl. I try to create a sense of hierarchy ,and it’s irregular. I mixed the pant and skirt to make a new dress and it also have different length ,so looks like a little bit  unique.  

Fashion illustrator | Pablo Thecuadro

“The collages I make express the duality in the human being ,who we want t be versus who we really are and what part of us we show to others.”


Pablo Thecuadro is a Spanish artist , we can see the illustration  is very different from conventional sense . He cut apart fashion editorials and photography to create collage . Plenty of  his works is surreal ,when I first time to see  his work, which is hard to understand what him really express,maybe we need to stop and think for a while.Lots of his work are based on the photography ,and then mix the different size and different part of the photos. His collages have imagination and are full of modern sense and contemporary   ,also look like very interesting .


Fashion illustrator |Julie Verhoeven

Julie Verhoeven has worked in numerous ways across fashion and design,from illustration to creative direction and design consultancy.Her drawing are less pretty and fey,more visceral and crude ,but fragile and steely in a way.Just a mush of contradictions.In her works ,her personal characteristics are obvious ,it’s crazy and abstract ,we can’t find regularity from her work ,she always have imagination .She also use plenty of different materials in her work ,such as simple lines ,lacquer,crayon ,pastel and collage. scan042small.jpg36.jpgPlasticDreams2JulieVerhoeven.jpgscan041small.jpg222f272acf1fb6ee3bf4aa332964fcad.jpgthe-pleasure-is-all-mine-jpeg10.jpglg_51d3fa95-7038-4ec6-b78c-4db20aa613db.jpg169777253_e4ee9826ff.jpgJulie_Verhoeven,_Sundae_Girl,_2013,_30_cm_x_21.5_cm..jpgJulie-Verhoeven_resized.jpg

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