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April 2017

30/04/17 | research



Dalí i Domènech, Salvador Figure


Dimensions: 198 x 148 cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Work present in the Exhibition of Catalan pictorial Modernism confronted by a selection of works by foreign avant-garde artists, held between the 16th of October and 6th of November 1926 in the Dalmau galleries in Barcelona.We can see the triple silhouette of the head, with the suggestive and descriptive shadows. The mannequin is made up of different forms and symbolic elements such as the eye, the half-moon, the fish with its sexual symbolism or the garter.

Here is the museum research which is Dali Museum while I found during the Barcelona trip. I did some observing drawing which attracted me a lot, the texture of the painting are so beautiful. It’s like the water waving on the top so that we can’t see the subject very clearly, it’s really related to my theme- indistinct.

Another painting is Salvador Figure by Dali, I paid attention to the combination of the painting, it’s quite interesting. After we came back from Barcelona, I did some research about this painting, I found it is triple silhouette of the head, with the suggestive and descriptive shadows. Besides, the mannequin combined a range of element like the eyes, the half-moon, the fish.


28/04/17 | Collage


I was doing some collage today, which I used the fabric sample I made. I want to show how the texture of the fabric in the garment. Most of collages which I designed I used the denim fabric and I tried to bring several different fabric together, for instance, I mixed the knitting piece and check pattern, the check pattern as the base, then put the knitting piece on the top, which I want to let the whole design full of administrative levels.

Another element which I used is picket line, I came up with this idea because I thought about the staff behind the  picket line which we don’t know, so the fact is indistinct. Besides, I inspired from my research which is the Maison Martin Margiela, she used the black tape to fix the garment, it’s simple but special, so I used the picket line as one of  the element in the garment.



27/04/17 | Fabric Experiments

Today I kept doing fabric experiments. I played with denim fabric and PVC fabric. I tried to use denim of different colours and cut them into lines. Then I arrange them irregularly and cover the transparent PVC on the top. The reason why I use these two fabric that the texture of those two are totally different, one is comfortable to wear, one is add more glossiness, so that the fabric can wearable and fashionable. I think I will use it as a part of fabric in my design, because I don’t want to the whole design too gloss.

Additionally, I made another fabric experiment which I use a range of colour and fabric, I used the pattern which I searched for reference, but I change the colour and added the element of tassels.

After I made the fabric experiments, I draped on the manikin. I got a lot of idea of design.


26/04/17 | Collage


I made several collage which used the fabric sample I did yesterday.  The reason why I want to make collage that I try to use the fabric sample which I made and bring it into my design, so I think make collage it’s a good way.

I found that the combination of the blue check fabric and the denim fabric is great. so I used them, due to the top is very colourful, so I thought the pants better designed more simpler, so I just added a line of pattern on the bottom as the decoration.

Because I made several fabric experiment which all used the denim fabric, so I thought it’s good to bring all them together.



24/04/17| Fabric experiment


Today I made two fabric experiments, I played with the fabric of Denim, using scissor to make ripped pattern, then sewed the single line on the top. 

I wanted to bring knitting piece into the design, but I am still finding a way to do this.

21/04/17 | Draping


I was keeping doing the draping. Due to my topic is about indistinct and I thought about one of my idea- Laundry, so I thought I can change the side of garments and draped the garment disordered. For example, I can change the side of T-shit and put upside down or I can drape the pants as the top, or used the T-shit as the pants. I did the draping for the whole day and after I went back to room, I did some quick sketch.

20/04/17 | Tutorial

A new term starts, so I want to summarise all my work, looking back to see what I have done and thinking about the next step. I wrote down a list to show all the work which I have done. At the beginning of the theme, the idea I chose is Laundry, which I want to use the process of the hand washing to explain the stuff from indistinct to distinct. I searched about the history of hand washing, then I split the laundry steps like collection clothes, soaking, fading, washing clothes and hanging clothes. I paid attention to the each step and developed the ideas. I did some drawings and fabric experiments. Next, I did some primary research which I went to the exhibition and Museum. I drew something in my way. Then I turned to research about the designer which is related to the theme, including Maison Martin Margiela A/w 2011, Viktor &Rolf Fall 2016 and Ximon Lee 2017 spring.

Until now I’ve almost done my research and I’ve already started to do some draping, however, I think I will continue to add more research and I plan to do another sketchbook for design development. For this sketchbook, I plan to do some fabric experiments and develop the ideas.

Today I did a tutorial to talk about the work which we did and what we gonna do. Besides, we talked about the C&CS essay,  my topic is about how the invention of the washing machine advance the cause of feminism? Tutors gave me some advice which are very useful. For instance, because I want to do menswear, but my topic is about the feminism, so there is a little bit conflict. However, we all known nowadays more and more women wear the suit which is design for men, and there are a lot of female willing to wear menswear,so I think it can related to the topic.

List for finished work

05/04/17 |Research

In the morning, I just finished the research about the designer which is the Ximonlee men’s spring 2017. In this collection, he used the very special fabric which mixed the PVC and denim, it looks like very hard and appear very high quality. So I wanted to try to make a sample to show the texture of the fabric. I cut some angle on translucent paper and sticked it with denim.

Then I made a colour board to show the colour which is the main colour of my design. I already searched several time about the colour, so I chose the point which attracted me the most from the paintings and combined them together. I want to use the blue denim colour, matte pink, warm yellow and a little bit silver.


03/04/17 | Draping

A new week started. In the morning, first of all, we went to the King street to take our garments back. Then I just checked my schedule as usual and in my schedule it’s time to do draping, so in the morning I went to the second hand shop to buy some clothes for draping. After I came back, I took the photos of the original garment. The colour of the garment I chose which are based on the colour board I made.

In the afternoon, I did the draping. Firstly, I thought I don’t want to cut the clothes, so I  just used the original clothes to do some drawings. Here is the drapings I did.

IMG_9052.JPGIMG_9053.JPGIMG_9054.JPGIMG_9055.JPGIMG_9056.JPGIMG_9059 2.JPG

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