At first, I use the computer to edit the video, due to I really like to watch the films, dramas,  Youtube channel and so on, also I sometimes film some short Vlog video, so I used to search some method to edit my video more professional, so I used to use the iMovie to make a draft and then use the After effects to make it more professional. First of all, I input all the media to the iMovie and I choose the good videos, then I follow the content to connect them together, which is a draft. Next, I add three different music, because my short have up and down, so I choose a short intro music which is the sound of thunder, a lively music and a peaceful music. Because I want to match the drumbeat and I think I use phone more convenience, so I change the device to edit it, I change the speed in different part to match the music. Besides, I change the colour of the video, some part I use the black and white, because there is a part of memory, some part I use more light white, Because I want to stand out this part to more attract people. After I edit the colour I want the whole video which is the same tone, so I change each video a little to match the colour.

After that I want my video more professional like the film, so I search some information, which is how to add a black frame, and I use the After effects to edit it. I try to add a frame, but I think it’s not good, so finally I don’t use it. The reason why I don’t use the frame is that my tableau is almost full, so if I add a black frame, it’s too full to be crowded. So finally, I just use the After effects to adjust the colour.