Fausten Steinmetz 2016 Spring Ready-to-wear

Micro-pleated denim is among the new fabric developments in her repertoire.

Like the asymmetric tailoring and the washed denim with tassels. I want to use asymmetric tailoring to bring into my draping, chose one as a example to remind me.


Viktor & Rolf  FALL 2016 COUTURE



it relied on varying proportions of everyday base layers handwoven with leftover fabrics, boosted with swirling tulle volumes and embellished with heaps of hardware and buttons. Essentially, the designers performed a wondrous feat of conflating rag rugs with riches. Looks that grew from old army jackets and vintage jeans could be described as surplus-plus-plus. During a walk-through the designers pointed to a jacket that featured scraps from Hyères, their first collection dating back to 1993.

The textile which the designer used is related to my theme, indistinct, the handwoven fabric mixed different textures and different colour, I tried to make some fabric sample which is similar like this. Besides, the combination of the colours is so good, I like they used the dark green as the main colour and used some bright colour to make the whole garment more vivid and fresh.



car ride at night

24 x 18 inches, oil on paper, 2016

I really like this painting and the combination of the colour, which are the dark green, sky blue, blue, light purple and yellow. We can see the painting is very simple, it don’t have much pattern and decoration, but it’s enough to show the story which is about the car ride at night. I think the point is yellow, it looks like the shadow of street light when car ride very quickly on the road, besides, it make the whole painting more lively and interesting. I want to use those colour as my major colour.