In the morning, I completed my blog and did some research. I searched some information from Weibo which is a social media in China. The reason why I like to search information on this social media, because there are a range of bloggers sharing some information of different art work. I found some useful information, which is a look book of ROMANTIC CROWN 2017 spring summer. The photography place is in the laundry room, which is related to my theme.  Besides, the photography are quite interesting, someone sit inside the washing machine, someone sit in the laundry bags, it inspired me a lot, which the way to show the final piece. I think the place I will choose in the laundry room. Additionally, I found another photography work, which is by Ina Jang. In her work, the picture are very clean and unique, one of my most favourite photo is a yellow translucent paper covers the girls face, we still can see the face but not really clare and it change the real tone of face. It make me think about using the fabric which is translucent.

To be honest, today I didn’t do much work, the reason is tomorrow I have IELTS, so I used the rest of time in the class to practise IELTS. I know it is not right, so I promise it will not happen next time. 🙂