Today I went to the London and I went to LCF. First, I companied with Suzu to interview, second, I really wanted to see the campus of LCF, I have never been to there before, so I wanted to see the environment of LCF. Besides, I and Suzu wanted to do some fabric research and get some fabric sample from fabric shop. So that, we went to London at 10 o’clock and arrived at 11o’clock, then we took underground to go to the fabric shop, it’s quite far which is in the Goldhawk. There are a range of shops, we went to about 6 or 7 shops. I want to find the fabric which is transparent. So I thought about the PVC, I found a long time, I didn’t found the fabric which is colourful and hard PVC. Fortunately, I got a plenty of different fabric, like silk, mesh, denim and so on.

About 2 o’clock we started to go to LCF, suzu was doing her interview and I was waiting for her. After the interview, we just came back.

In the evening, I collected all the fabric sample I found and compared them.

PVC , I got three different fabric samples. One is very thick and hard, so I think it’s good to hold the shape, besides, they have so many different bright colours. Other two are thin and soft fabric, additionally, they are translucent and frosting. I think those type fabric is good to as the coat or jacket to cover outside, because it can have a hazy effect.

Loop back jersey, I searched several fabric samples of different colours , I quite like the texture of the fabric, one side is smooth, another side is the texture. Besides, the fabric is good as the sportswear and sweatshirt, it’s very soft, ventilated and the colour options that we can choose are variety.

Heavy stretch cotton, can be seen from the name, it’s more thick than the other cotton fabric, so it’s good to make stiff shapes. 

Cotton velvet, this fabric looks like very vintage and the texture of the cotton velvet is matt. There is a great contrast with the others.

Waxed cotton, the fabric is very thin and light, the colour are bright. Besides, the texture of the fabric is very smooth. It’s very comfortable to wear. 

Space cotton, it’s a very soft, ventilated and comfortable fabric. It’s not easy to make the exaggerated shape, but if we use 3D print technology, it can make some 3D pattern.

Valletta, 100% cotton , compared with space cotton, this fabric is more harder and it isn’t elastic, besides, the texture is suede. It’s can make the stiff silhouette. 

Patent leather, it’s a chemical fibres, the surface is patent leather, other side is elastic nettings. It have the gloss texture, waterproof and slightly elastic.

Denim, I am interesting in it, so I did some research about it. Denim is a thicker dyed warp surface twill cotton, warp colour deep, generally indigo, weft colour lighter.Divided according to the thickness of the denim: a thickness of 6 amps divided Ann 4.5 8 A 10 A 11 12 A 13.5 14.5 An. 4.5 Ann is often used for very thin summer Ms. vest, and sleeveless Shandeng 14.5 has been very thick, used to do the winter men’s cotton. And we often wear most of the jeans from 8 Ann-12 Ann.

Denim Features: 

1) cotton coarse yarn twill cloth, moisture permeability, good ventilation, comfortable to wear 

2) thick texture, clear lines after appropriate treatment, can be wrinkle anti-deformation.

3) indigo is a coordination color With a variety of color coat match, all seasons 

4) indigo is a non-firm color, the more wash, the more light, the more light, the more beautiful 

I searched a plenty of denim fabric, there are so many different colours. The reason why I chose denim fabric that it can redo other texture, we can wash it again and again, so the colour will change. Or if we scrub the denim fabric, it’s ripped denim.So I think it’s good to play with it.