Today we had fashion show, we went to King street to rehearsal about 10 o’clock. We tried on the model to adjust the size, after that models practiced the router of the show.

In the afternoon, I did some research in the class.

Illustration by Anny Wang


I found another illustration, which the colour attracted me. The background is light brown and the there are a lot of colors, like pink, silver, brown, sky blue and so on. I want to combine two illustration as my final colour board.



He used the shape of a grocery store carrier bag to inform long pinafore layers in stiff PVC fabric, and used actual black bags fused onto a sweatshirt with silicone panels, and a text warning against suffocation appeared as a print in the collection.

Strongest in the lineup were the oversize jean jackets that came in heavy coated cottons or acid wash denim, some with wide trailing ties, others with open seams between the waistband and back. Less appealing was Lee’s return to silicone. It looked disturbingly surgical in places and just unwieldy in others.


Fashion promotion’s students make up the models, the concept of the styling is highlight, they only put the highlight on the face, the hair fixed with hair band.


Finally, the fashion show was coming. At the beginning of the show, they played the films of fashion promotion’s students. We were waiting in the backstage and models divided into several groups and stood on lines. Then it was the fashion show, the models went out one by one, after all the group the designer took them went out to curtain call. Next, they played our fashion students’ film. The perfect end to the fashion show.