After trip, the weekend I came to school and continued to do my sketchbook. I asked my friends to help me to take some photos when I am washing the clothes, I want to show the folding when I twist clothes and the different shape of the clothes. I observed the clothes how it changed the shape, I sketched some drawings and I want to use fabric to show the textures, so I try to use fabric to make some samples. It’s not easy for me to make some samples, it came up a lot of problems, for instance, if I choose the fabric too soft, it can’t hold the shape very well. Additionally, I chose a way to make some foldings which is easier way in my opinion, which I used sewing machine to sew two lines, then pull a string to make it more tighter, so there are lots of folding, yet, it’s easy to break when I pull the string which is very frail and thin. I tried several different fabrics, finally I got a successful piece.

In the afternoon, I still did my sketchbook. The last but least step of washing clothes is to hang the clothes. I used water colour and pen to draw a painting, which shows previous people how to hang the clothes, besides, I used the strings to make the painting more 3D and more funny. When we hung the clothes, we may used laundry clip to fix and hung upside down the clothes. It caught my attention and let me think about why not make a garment like this, so I sketched some drawing. For example, wear the back side, even the collar don’t suit for the body, or using the laundry clip to hang the bottom of the clothes. In addition, put the romper’s suspenders down and use the clip to fix trousers.