In the morning, we had life drawing lesson.

Today we tried some different way to draw, at first, we have 5 to 6 minute to draw several posts of model, we just needed to draw the position, we don’t need to put more details, because  we would cut them and used them to make some collage. After drawing, we started to cut them and to combine them, I found we not only can use the person we drew, also we can use the rest of paper, the shape of people, so I used 4 positions and pick up some pieces to show the movement. I haven’t finished the collage and tutor said we will continue to do this next week.

In the afternoon, I continued t0 complete my small sketchbook for the Barcelona trip.

Then we have tutorial to talk about the trip. When they talked about the New York trip , the Guggenheim Museum attract my attention, it shows the work are most of 20 century arts, I really want to visit it, not only the art work they showed also the architecture and interior design. And everyone who went to the New York the first impression was so cold, that was so funny. To be honest, after we presentation, I thought the trip for Barcelona was the best, cause we had the nice weather, nice museum and nice food. Alright maybe because I really like Barcelona.