I want to choose the part of body which is the ear, the reason why I choose the ear it’s because when we think about the facial feature,the eyes is the first thing we recall, besides, ear is not in the middle of the face, it is in the side of the face, so sometimes we don’t pay attention to person’s ear, however in the fashion show, the ear is also a very important part to show the detail of the design.

I think ears not only can be a person and animal also have ears, many the shape of the  animals’ ear are different, this is one of my idea about the ear. I drew the rabbit’s ear and the dog’s ear. There is a story about my drawing, one day I saw a photo which a dog hurt it ear and the blood can’t stop, I feel so fearsome and make me heart ache to see it, so I drew some ear which is blooding.

A lot of time I find the idea when I talked to someone, once I talked to my sister, she is pregnant and showed the photo to my which is my cute nephew, I saw the cute body in the amniotic fluid and the shape looks like the ear, so I follow the idea and draw something.

Additionally, I took some photo about the ear which are my friends’ ear and drew them down. On the life drawing class, I also draw some ears.There are some ideas about the ear and I use the different material to make some piece.

Besides, I think about the broccoli ears and ear modification, these ears are different from the normal person’s ear. Maybe someone want to change the shape of the ear to the fairy’s ear,also because of the accident or the fighting someone’s ear got hurt. I think the shape are interesting, so I made a mood board and drew some ears.


I also sewed side of head, I want to show the idea is about embroidery. Because ear have a range of side, also when we saw ear in different direction, we will see different shape and colour tone, so I use the element which is embroidery to show this idea. I also make a sample.


This idea is about sound wave, I think sound wave is a very soft stuff, because we can’t see the sound wave actually, but we can hear that. In my opinion I think when I hear the sound,  it will not stronger than what I see, so I chose the knitting piece to show the sound wave, we know the yarn is very soft and elastic. I make a collage is about a ear how to hear the sound, I use the fabric and knitting piece, also use sewing machine to make some lines to the sound can spread very wild.