On the weekend, I went to the Barbican Museum to saw the exhibition of The Vulgar (Fashion Redifined). The exhibition don’t allow to take photos, so I writed down some information and drew a few designe which I really interesting. At first, the huge dress catched me attention, it’s the style in mid-18 century, people like the exaggerated dress, the court dress have bustle to hold the shape. Nowadays people sometimes use the bustle to design the wedding dress or dinner skirt. Besides,  I saw Iris Van Herpen’s collection, the fabric was used which is very special, he used the reflection fabric,which means in different direction we can saw different colour, and it used the geometric drawing, so I drew a ear of geometric pattern which is using this idea and I used some plastic triangle piece to show my idea which is related to the reflection fabric. Additionally, I really like the John Galliano’s dress in spring/summer 2009, the shape of the sleeve attracted my attention, it looks like a bud, also there are some detail, such as the beautiful pattern and using special fabric to decorate it.Edit