2015 Westminster fashion design graduates

Influenced by Constructivist Russian artists including El Lissitsky, Alexander Rodchenko and Vladimir Tatlin, Charlotte Scott formed her menswear collection from abstract shapes of fabrics in a range of weights and colours.

In my opinion, he use the 3D shapes and cubes with stripes and shadow to create the illusion of the shapes appearing 3D. It’s quite interesting and make people feel there is a illusion, which is a 3D shape yet actually being completely flat pieces. He chose to use muted-down primary colours because these are the colours that are often used in the graphic design work of Rodchenko, and many other artists during this time. In his collection, it’s playful but not appear childish.


Piet Mondrian

Mondrian’s work was naturalistic—incorporating successive on influences of academic landscape and still-life painting, Dutch Impressionism, and Symbolism. An early example of Mondrian’s pure geometric abstraction, this painting dates from his involvement with the De Stijl group.The strict use of horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours with black and grey is characteristic of De Stijl.
I think it’s related to this collection, the colour which the designer chose is similar to the painting. The designer also use the primary colours and geometric pattern, besides, she combine the cube with the shadow.


 Wassily Kandinsky

One of the pioneers of abstract modern art, Wassily Kandinsky exploited the evocative interrelation between color and form to create an aesthetic experience that engaged the sight, sound, and emotions of the public. By combining aspects of all three movements, he arrived at the flat planes of color and the clear, linear quality seen in this work. Form, as opposed to color, structured the painting in a dynamic balance that pulses throughout the canvas.



Composition VIII 

The rational, geometric order of Composition VIII is a polar opposite of the operatic composition of Composition VII (1913). By combining aspects of all three movements, he arrived at the flat planes of color and the clear, linear quality seen in this work. Form, as opposed to color, structured the painting in a dynamic balance that pulses throughout the canvas. This work is an expression of Kandinsky’s clarified ideas about modern, non-objective art, particularly the significance of shapes like triangles, circles, and the checkerboard.

There are another artist who related to this collection. We can see in the painting, he paint non-figurative forms, it’s really abstract, he just used geometric figure and line. In the collection,Charlotte Scott also just use the geometric figure and make them look like 3D.


Viktor & Rolf Couture Spring 2016

This collection just used the white fabric, but there are a range of 3D shape on it and it is enough hard to hold the shape, which are very exaggerated and odd, some piece even cover the whole face and body, also those shape are not follow the figure. The pattern on the garment is abstract and asymmetrical, for instance, some face only have one eyes or this should be the eyes, but the mouth. I search some information about the background when the designer create the garment, the collection reached fever pitch with a piqué vision of Guernica. We can see there are many element is similar to the painting Guernica. 


Pablo Picasso, Guernica, 1937, oil on canvas, 349 cm × 776 cm. (Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid)



Roni Ilan (Central Saint Martins Ba Autumn/Winter 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collection)

Because this is a graduate show, so I can’t find more information about the collection and designer, so there are some opinion in my mind. I like the pattern in the garment, when I first time saw those pattern, it make me think about the Picasso’s painting, it’s very abstract. White is the bace colour and the black thick line was used a lot. She used very exaggerated shape, for example, the wide shoulder is the point in my opinion, and the whole design appear oversize.Also we can see, she use the gear form and wave line around the sleeves. Besides, She used the leather which is a very hard fabric, it’s good to hold shape.

Pablo Picasso 



There are several painting by Picasso. We can see his work which looks like very crazy and odd, those are portrait yet we feel they are not actually the human being’s face, it’s so abstract. He changed the facial features a lot and used exaggerated way to draw the facial features. Besides, it’s very colourful in his work. Moving to the collection of  Roni Ilan, he draw the pattern which is very abstract face in the garment, it is very similar to the Picasso’s painting.