In the morning, it’s life drawing lesson. Because we just have few lesson, so today Mandy said we can decide the pose and the time. Last time I tried to use two hands to draw at the same time and I found it’s interesting and funny, so this time I used two hands to draw as well. The last picture which is by Amy, she drew me when I am drawing.

In the afternoon, I was keeping making garment. I pined the garment on the mannequin and then I asked my friends to try on the garment. Because it’s made up of a lot of pieces, so it’s hard to measure the size and make it is suitable for the size of model. However, I asked someone to try on the body, then I arranged on the body.

The connection between pockets and waist bands has some problems. I designed three lines on the shoulder, but the outmost line always fell off. I checked several times and then  realised that maybe because the pocket which is connected to the waist bands is too wide. So I made it smaller to fit better.