Because I’ve already drape the garment once and I’ve already made the pattern, so it’s easy to restore. I draped on the mannequin again and adjusted the shape. I didn’t want to make the new pattern, so I directly started to make pockets using my fabric. Before I made the pockets, I also used the chalk to mark the position and number of each pocket. It spent me a long making, finally all the pockets are ready used.

In the afternoon, we had a tutorial with peers. It’s a good chance to see other peers’ work. I got some new ideas about how to do my sketchbook and also got some advice for my following work.

In my design, I used a range of waist bands, so I decided to make a lot of them at the same time for saving time. I considered about the combination of the string and fabric’s colour. I want t show the line of sewing, so I didn’t choose the same colour to match the fabric.