In the morning, we had the Life drawing lesson. Because we just rest few lessons, so Mandy said we can choose any media and use any way which we want to draw. By the way, recently I read a book which is about the illustration and I learned from that a lot, so this time I want to use some skills I found. I tried to use two hands to draw at the same time. Besides, I usually use my right hand, so using left hand is really uncomfortable and  inflexible. However, that why the painting are more interesting. Although I drew the same person, the two painting which I drew are different, the line which I used the right hand are more smooth, another one obviously are distorted. In addition, I used two hands to draw like the mirror at the same time, that so hard, because I need to pay attention to the two sides and I need to observe the shape of people very carefully.

In the afternoon, I kept designing the garment.