About the draping, I want to do three sections, the first one I’ve already done, which used the fabric sample I made to drape, then I wanted to used the garment I brought from the second hand shop to drape.The reason why I want to separate draping into three parts that the different media I used can give me different inspiration, for instance, Using textile sample to drape can give the idea of choosing fabric and the texture of the garment. Using garments from second hand shop to drape inspired me a lot of ideas about silhouette. Furthermore, after I finished all my design, I want to do draping again, I will drape several which are based on the design. Because I think when we see the three-dimensional piece, we can directly see how it looks like, so I want to use calico to drape again and I will use the fabric I brought to test. Here is the drawing which I inspired from the draping. I may not drew the same and colour I used are not the same. Because I just wanted to use the draping to get some ideas.