In the morning, we had life drawing. Mandy let us choose whatever media we want, I chose crayon and marker pens, because I like the texture of the crayon, besides, the line is old and unrestrained powerful. And recently I try to use marker pens to draw, so I want to practise more.

In the afternoon, I kept doing the draping which used the sample I made. The fabric sample I used the PVC and denim, the texture of the two are totally different, but that is the reason why I combined them together. The PVC fabric have glossiness and denim is matte, however, the denim is very popular, comfortable and the fabric of daily clothes. I want to use the fabric which is from daily life, but also it’s different from the normal garment. I invited the classmate as my model and also I draped on the mannequin. Here I showed the draping I done. Additionally, I design several jacket which combined the fabric into it. And I really thought about the details like the collar and sleeves, so I also drew some sleeves.