A new term starts, so I want to summarise all my work, looking back to see what I have done and thinking about the next step. I wrote down a list to show all the work which I have done. At the beginning of the theme, the idea I chose is Laundry, which I want to use the process of the hand washing to explain the stuff from indistinct to distinct. I searched about the history of hand washing, then I split the laundry steps like collection clothes, soaking, fading, washing clothes and hanging clothes. I paid attention to the each step and developed the ideas. I did some drawings and fabric experiments. Next, I did some primary research which I went to the exhibition and Museum. I drew something in my way. Then I turned to research about the designer which is related to the theme, including Maison Martin Margiela A/w 2011, Viktor &Rolf Fall 2016 and Ximon Lee 2017 spring.

Until now I’ve almost done my research and I’ve already started to do some draping, however, I think I will continue to add more research and I plan to do another sketchbook for design development. For this sketchbook, I plan to do some fabric experiments and develop the ideas.

Today I did a tutorial to talk about the work which we did and what we gonna do. Besides, we talked about the C&CS essay,  my topic is about how the invention of the washing machine advance the cause of feminism? Tutors gave me some advice which are very useful. For instance, because I want to do menswear, but my topic is about the feminism, so there is a little bit conflict. However, we all known nowadays more and more women wear the suit which is design for men, and there are a lot of female willing to wear menswear,so I think it can related to the topic.

List for finished work