In the morning, we went to the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, it’s a contemporary museum, I really like this museum and we spent half day there. The interior of the museum is all white, so we feel like really clean and contemporary.

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I found a illustrator called Zush, I really like the style of his work.

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I also found something interesting and related to my project. There were some dishes showing the rotten food. I thought the rotten food is a kind of things which can relate to the indistinct, because the processes of the rotten food shows the food from the normal become degenerative.


Besides, the illustrations attracted my attention, because they only used the pants to tell the story. We can’t find any figure, but the pants showed everything.


Later we went to The Picasso Museum, we had a guider to explain the work and experience of Picasso, however there were so many people and we didn’t allow to take photos, so I just did a few sketches.