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We ate breakfast at 8:30 and started to Park Guell at 10 am. We took the underground to go there. After we arrived here, there are a lot of beautiful horse with baby pink and baby blue. We walked for a while and along the street there are so many painting in the wall and door. it was tried to go to the Park Guell, the hillside is high and steep.

HYPOSTYLE ROOM, THE INTERIORFullSizeRender 19.jpgFullSizeRender 18.jpgFullSizeRender 42.jpgFullSizeRender 43.jpg

The room was conceived of as a covered space which, among other uses, could serve a market for the estate. The regular layout of the dense colonnade is interrupted at certain sections to create three open spaces, one larger central one and two smaller ones, like the naves of a church. The ceiling is formed of small domes built using the Catalan vault technique, clad with tile shards and with soffits laid out like a keystone. They were planned by Josep Maria Jujol, one of Gaudi’s collaborators, with unusually shaped sand coloured materials that seem a prelude to the surrealist movement.

Catalan vault or adhering tiles is a traditional technique of construction using several layers of tiles, and shows great flexibility for adopting a variety of forms. Gaudi and other Catalan architects within the modernism movement made thorough use of its plastic and construction values. In my opinion, I really like the pattern in the wall and it inspired me a lot, the little piece mix and match to become a new form.Additionally, the colour they used was amazing.


A highly gaudian iron gate leads into the gardens of the former farm-house,the Casa Larrard, made from unhewn stone and adopting the profile of a huge weave.To its exterior is a whole serious of buttresses, one of which depicts a rough caryatid known as the Washerwoman, because it shows a woman withe the tools of that trade. Gaudi resolved the dialogue between architecture and nature in a dramatic and exceptional manner by increasing the tension between the twi principles. His mastery of the mist diverse structures and materials allows him to invent a unique world that is at the same time same of symbolic references.

I quite like the texture of the stone, so I drew a painting to show the texture.

Then we went to a exhibition which all showed the postcard, there were a range of postcards with different styles. I am not really into it, and I guess probably graphic students would like them.