First day we met at school about 7:30 am, then we took coach to go to the airport, it spent us about 1 hour. When we arrived at airport, we drop the luggage first and then we waited for the flight, but still had a long time so we had half hour to pick up some food and go shopping in the airport. The flight was about 2 hours and half hour, we arrived in Barcelona about 4 pm and then we took coach to go to the hotel.

We had a walk in the evening at 6:30, before the walk I with my friends had a plan to look around the city first and pick up some food. Fortunately, the hotel we lived was very close to the city centre, so we find a very famous shop which sold the cookie and pastry. On the way, we saw a very beautiful castle which was established by Gaudi.

The walk was in the city centre street, after tutors took us to there, we had free time to do whatever we want, so I with friends along the street found a very good restaurant, which looks like very nice:) Actually, it also very delicious;)IMG_7067.JPGIMG_7072.JPG