Today I continue to do sketchbook which is about the soaking, I used the bubble wrap and colour it. I want to use this to show the texture of the bubble when we are washing clothes.  In addition, I knitted a piece and I made it very loose, because I want to show after soaking clothes will become very soft. Furthermore, I draw the bubble using transparent paper and I mixed a piece to show the texture of the bubble.


Gemma Blackwell‘s textiles collection, ‘Oddity’ challenges digital embroidery, combining everyday materials in a new, creative way.

Driven by the notion of material ambiguity, ‘Oddity’ adopts a curious approach to the use of materials in relation to embroidery practice, challenging the traditional parameters of this luxury technique. Play is at the heart of this project, as both colour and material are explored and combined in an instinctive way generating unique aesthetic values. Utilising a combination of un-conventional materials applied using labour intensive digital embroidery techniques, ‘Oddity’ challenges not only material use within embroidery but also re-imagines the use of a typically commercial piece of machinery. By re-imagining both process and material purpose, an element of friction flows though the collection as the resulting qualities juxtapose those typically expected. The result is an intriguing range of softly tactile surfaces for use within contemporary luxury fashion.


I really like this embroidery, she mix and match a lot of different material to do the embroidery, it inspired me a lot, I can mix and match a lot of different material as well, for instant, I can use the soft space cotton and the yarn.