The process of becoming softened and saturated as a consequence of being immersed in water ( or other liquid )         –meaning from dictionary

After we collect the clothes, we will soak the clothes to make them absorb water, then we pure some laundry detergent, there are some bubble coming up. I took a photo which shows the clothes faded and the water change the colour. This process inspired me a lot, so at first I draw a painting to show the flowing water and the bubble on the surface. I used the water colour as the background, then I used the glue gun to imitate the flowing water and made it more 3D, I colour it as well. Additionally, I knitted several pieces which used the different material and colour, next sewed them together. I rolled some balls using the cotton, because I want to show the bubble on the surface. The most special thing which I do, I think it’s using the transparent plastic bags. Because the plastic bags are transparent, so we still can see the objects what are inside, but not clear that much, it’s really suit for my theme. Furthermore, I used the calico and strings to make a sample, I imitated the texture of the bubble and draw it down.



The process of the fading made me think about dying fabric, so I sewed some fabric together first and paint some colour on it, I don’t know where the problem coming  up, however, I don’r like the result of the fabric, so I don’t stick the fabric on my sketchbook. I also search some information about how to dye fabric, I think I will try it again.