In the morning, we have life drawing. A little different in today’s life drawing, which tutor took some masks like the butterfly, clown, rabbit, mouse and so on. It’s quite interesting cause it looks like funny and when model wear those masks, they looks like that a master have a human body. I still chose colour charcoal, I don’t know the reason why I always choose charcoal, maybe I just think more easy to use for me, however, next time I think I need to try to different material like ink or marker, I need to practise different skills.

In the afternoon, I did my sketchbook. When I think about the laundry, the vintage way to wash clothes attracted me a lot, it was more natural and complex. Because people used to wash clothes by hands, that means there are a lot of processes. Besides, in different situation, clothes have different status. So I searched a lot of old photos which showed the vintage way to wash clothes

.FullSizeRender 5.jpg

When we start to wash clothes, we put all the dirty clothes together, then soak them and pour some washing powder, we mix the water and washing powder, there are a lot of foam turning up and the colour of clothes become darker. Additionally, we soak the clothes, but some part are not completely immersed in water, so there are some clear part and also the part go clothes in the water are indistinct. Next, we scrub the clothes and when we scrub there are coming up folding or some elastic fabric will   be out of shape. After that, we twist the clothes to remove excess moisture. Finally, we hang clothes to clothesline using pegs.

I thought about the process and movement when we are washing the clothing. At first we put all the dirty clothes together, there were a lot of different clothes and mix together, which is quite interesting, and also different clothes have different textures, so I plan to draw it with the textures and make a sample which use different texture fabric.