Airy Silhouettes By Photographer Sophie Elbaz


For the series ‘A Fleur De Peau‘, French photographer Sophie Elbaz creates airy images with a dream-like touch. Elbaz plays with light and shadow in a delicate way to explore themes such as the limits of being and the complexity of states. In a statement about the series, Elbaz says: “With each image-apparition we are observing the creation of a diffuse, limitless, timeless, intangible space, on the threshold of the present. The body, living bridge, is discovering itself in another way, in the form of silhouette, suggestion, speaking to us in a different way. Woman becomes a mediator of the unknown, both intuitive and luminous like the life she gives. In her momentum, she affirms her will for a new light that sees this birth.”


Rocio Montoya is a photographer, graphic / web designer and editor based in Madrid, Spain.

Her specialty is the experimental photography, land on which has moved from its creative inception.

LIFEwithBIRD has partnered with Spanish artist Rocio Montoya to create a mesmerizing blend of art and fashion, realized through a series of five collaborative artworks.

Inspired by the surreal landscape of the rugged Italian coastline juxtaposed with the bright and bold abstract prints found within the Summer’15 collection. Montoya identified the LIFEwithBIRD woman – someone with a strong sense of fashion and an artistic attitude, who uses clothing as an expression of her personality: portraying beauty as a means of escape.

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FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I really like this collage, so I used the acrylic to draw it on my way, some part of the clothing  was hollowed out and the contrastive colour also match very interesting.