In the morning, we have life drawing, this week we still used the chalk to draw. The model is very tall and thin, so it’s good to practise drawing the fashion illustration. At first, we had several 6 min to quickly drawing the position, and then we had two 15 min post, so we can draw more details and colour it. My favourite post is the model sitting on the chair and hands on the leg, I drew three painting with different colour tone.


I changed my mind, so I redo this page of the sketch book. I found some sculptures which are using the simple line and the geometric element, I found them on the, I tried to find the information about the artiest who made this, but I didn’t find. I really like this sculpture, and it inspired me a lot, I  think I can use the geometric element and also make the pattern like this, using the embroidery element on the garment.  So I used the marker to draw a pattern which related to this sculpture.