In the morning, I wrote the proposal which is the illusion. I consider the research I have done and what I plan to do. Before I wrote the proposal, I made a mind map to arrange the ideas. Besides, I made a mood board, the mind idea is the optical illusions and I combined the the mirrors and one design.

The first idea is about the mirror, so I make several collages.

 I showed the two photos which I took in Nottingham, and I find some different shape of mirrors, using the piece of mirrors to show the reflection of mirrors. I have another idea which is about broken mirrors, it inspired me, so I think about some special materials like glass, transparent plastic and metal, so I found some material from product design and used them to make a collage. 


In the afternoon, we had a tutorial to talk about the themes which we chose. Tutorial is a very useful way to improve ourselves, because from the tutorial we can get different ideas from other members and tutors. When I said the theme, indistinct, tutor gave me a suggestion, which is about the memory, for instance, the scene is about we are talking about something, four people sat down and one person showed her work, people wore different colorful clothes, now maybe we can remember very clearly,but how about 1 month later? How about 1 year later? Can we remember all the details about the clothes ? I think we can’t, so the memory will become indistinct, maybe just a piece of memory or just a shadow. I extended the idea, i want to use the painting to record the most important memory, and in different periods. 

After the tutorial, I wrote another proposal, which the theme is about the indistinct.