Another theme I want to choose is Indistinct. I came up with this idea because I am nearsighted, so when I don’t wear the glasses, I can not see particularly clear. However, sometimes I think it’s so inconvenience, but one day I found if I can’t see very clear, I will see the shadow of the item or just the tone of the item, but if put all the things together, sometimes there are different feeling and I feel everything mix together. Additionally, I really like rainy day, I liked to have a cup of coffee and look at the scenery in the rain, the raindrops on the window, so the scenery outside it’s indistinct. So I think there are a plenty of  the indistinct things in our life, and I can find something new.


I got this idea from the music video “Yes no maybe” by Suzy. There is a scene about she sit in front of the laundry and wait for her clothes. It inspired my, we put the messy things in the washing machine, soak, rotate, squeeze, dehydrate and dry, after a series of processes, we got the clean clothing, however, the clothing are messy as well, because maybe the socks in the coat pocket, the trousers and shirts are entwined. In different situation, the state of clothing are different, maybe there are many foam or it’s wet and the colour of the clothing become darker and so on.

It’s like our life, always all the feeling mixed together, the happy things, the disappointed things, the exciting things, the blurred image in our mind, it’s maybe is a image or a voice, but all the things are not clear. However, when we clean our mind up, like the clothing after washing,  the clothing will become clean and our life will become straight.  Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 14.07.53.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-23 at 13.57.14.png

2. memories / lost in mind

To be honest, this is idea I inspired from tutor, they said this time we can remember all the detail about the situation, after 1 hour , we will know the content but we may not remember that people what they wear and the scene will become unclear. And after 1 day, we may remember the feeling and the scene just a shadow in our mind. Then I think this is another distinction, it’s a feeling in our mind and as time goes on it will become more and more indistinct.


When we burn something, it have a development. A paper, we fire it, it turn to red and have the yellow light, then when it burn out, it become black piece and ash, the words on the paper was disappear as well.

4. shadow