Today I starts to search some information about the themes which I will choose as my major project, during the half term holiday, I went to the Nottingham to travel, at that time we lived in a horse which had a wall full of mirrors, it’s so pretty. It inspired me a lot.

1.There are a plenty of mirror, when I stand on the  different direction, I can see different things. It is very extensive and interesting. Additionally, the shape of the mirror are various, so I think I can use the shape of mirror, also mirror’s texture is really different, I will try to find some special fabric.  I think I can go to some shop which sale the mirrors to do primary research.IMG_6360.JPG2. I remembered we learned from the contextual studies, it’s a painting which is Not to be Reproduced by Rene Magritte, the painting shows a man stand in front of the mirror but the weird thing is that the mirror shows the back of the man, besides there also is a book on the table, but the book is normal which is means the direction of the book is right. It’s very interesting I think, linked to the daily life we saw the mirror very day but we never think why we can the front of the face, not the back, so this painting make me think about it.




Put the mirror on the different direction, it will reflex different thing, particularly if we put the mirror on specially appointed, mirror will make the illusion, so the sense of visual is strengthened.





4.distorting mirror / magic mirror

Sometimes people will change the shape of mirror to make it more interesting, for example, some magic mirror will make the face more longer or sometimes make the face more bigger. Besides, some mirrors have many sides, so it will reflex a lot of sides of staff, the some part of the staff was changed, made a interesting result.





5.mirror installation

Put the different shape and size of the mirror together, and recombine. It inspired me, maybe I can use this idea, combined the different fabric and also I can choose the fabric which have the reflection.

I plan to go to exhibition to see some mirror installation.




6.broken mirror

The broken mirrors have a lot of sides, so it can reflex the light and it just can show the part of the staff. Then I think about, why not we leave a blank in the garment, it is not necessary to do whole garment with the fabric.