This is the original garment which I bought from the charity shop, then I cut the sleeves and collar, I disassemble two sleeves and sew them up on the bottom of the garment to make it more longer.


I used the fabric is a curtain from the charity shop, I used the paper to make a ear sculpture at first, then along the line to mark on the fabric, next step is to sew one layer and cotton up, then sew another layer, make sure we sew the side is inside, before we finished sewed, cut the redundant fabric, left a distance and turned over to the outside, then sewed the distance up.


I weave some yarn piece to decoration the ear and It’s to put some shadow and tone on the ear. Besides, I sewed a wide yarn around the top of ear to show the damaged ear. Then sewed the ear on the garment.



I cut a part the back and sewed a knitting piece to make it well arranged. Actually I want to sew some yarn on the middle of the piece to make it like a ear, but firstly I don’t have time and also it’s difficult to sew wool yarn, so it’s a disappointed thing.


I used the wide wool yarn to weave some piece and also use fabric and cotton to make some geometrical piece, then sew them on the garment. I used the different material and mix them, because I want to make the garment more diversification and more interesting.




I used the material is a sleep bag, I found it in the charity shop, it’s blue and very soft, also more thick than other fabric. Cutting two piece and rolling them to make a  piece like a corn. Then I weave two knitting piece and using yarn to connect  them together, on the bottom I make some tassels. Final step is to sew them on the garment.


Making trouser


I used the fabcric are the curtain which are blue and green. First I used the green fabric to make a normal size trouser, I don’t change anything, however, my design is two different colour and one leg is thin and long, one leg is wide and short, so I cut a length of trouser and covered a blue fabric to make it looks like more lose.

IMG_5536.JPGIMG_5537.JPGBesides, I used the double layer to fix the hem, because leather more hard so I used the leather to fix the hem and also make a range of folder to tie the bottom like a flouncing.


Due to the fabric is the curtain, I also use the hole in the fabric and skewered a string to tie the top of trouser.


Then I used the knitting to decoration the trouser and also I used the rest of fabric which is a length of clothing with some holes. I sewed them on the trouser.


The concept of the make-up is just ear, because my body part is the ear and when we thought about the facial features, the first think we pay attention is the eyes or mouth, so I want to cover the eyesbrowm,  lash and lip, make the face very bright.