Today tutor showed us how to make trouser. The first step is to confirm the grain line, make sure the grain line on the paper align the grain line of the pattern, also we need to make sure we leave enough spare to draw the pattern of the front and back. Then along the line draw, next step is to leave about 1.5cm space to sew up, so we along the line which we already drew it, then draw the another same line. We also need to draw the back one and sign the front, back and the number of the pattern. Finished that, then we need to cut them and fold the fabric, make sure the fabric is smooth. If we want to save the fabric or use the fabric again, we prefer to use the fabric from the top. Bound the fabric and the pattern, then start to cut.

After cut the fabric, it’s time to sew them up. Because I chose the pattern have 4 piece, so first we need to confirm it’s one side and one is back, one is front. When we saw them up, make sure is the inside and leave one side open on the top of trouser. After we saw two individual  legs, we find the two more wildly semi- circle side and  sew them, it’s the back side, because the buttock are more wildly than the front. And the front is the same step. The finial step is to sew the zipper or elastic, also we can make some decoration. Then the trouser done.