When I started to do this project, I was confused about choosing which part of body as my choice. I thought about a lot of, on second thought, ear is not very important when we thought about the facial feather, almost people will think about the eyes is the first thing we recall, besides, ear is not in the middle of the face, it is in the side of the face, so sometimes we don’t pay attention to person’s ear, however in the fashion show, the ear is also a very important part to show the detail of the design. Additionally, different people have different shape of ear, also animal’s ears are different, so I search some information about ears.
For example, the different animals also have different shapes of ear, something’s shape is similar to the ear like the cute body in the amniotic fluid, the shape looks like the ear. I develop the idea using different material to show the ears. Ear modification and broccoli ear are two things I think related to the ear, so I did a mood broad and drew some paintings. I also got some primary research, I took several photo about the ears which are my friend’s ears and I used the different media to draw them. In the life drawing lessons, I also drew some ears. I went to the Barbican exhibition, it’s a really cool exhibition, there are a lot of exaggerated clothing and gave me a range of ideas about the design, I drew some drafts and write some information about the history or background about the garment, besides after I came back, I drew a painting which is inspired by one of them. It’s a geometric ear and I put the plastic material to show the reflection.
I search some collection which related to the topic- exaggerated shape. I really like the collection which is from the Westminster graduation show, I try to find some information about the collection, but there are no more information. So I thought about some artists who related to the collection. I don’t know it is the real inspiration for designers, however I just wrote something that I real thought.
After research, I started to do some drapings, I tried to use several ears and putted them together. I used the shape of animals’ ear and geometric figure, however I think some shape I don’t really like, I still keep them here, just to show I used the idea from the research. I associate with the ear modification and broccoli ear, so I used the bubble to show the feather about the broccoli ear.  Besides, I thought about something outside the ear, but also related to the ear.The sound wave we can’t see, but nowadays there are many way to show the sound wave which use the figure, so I search some information about this and follow the shape to make a sculpture. I used the hard paper and the wire to fix the shape.
Then we used some idea from the body sculpture to develop the garment. Due to ear have a range of shape, so I think for me it’s a good way to design some interesting shape of garment. I like to use the pencil to draw the design, the free line can help me to imagine the interesting shape and exaggerated design. Next I chose 6 design to draw a line-up with colour. Besides, I used the embroidery to make several illustrations and I also make some collages.
Finally, I need to make the garment , it’s hard to find the fabric which I want in the charity shop, and my design need a lot of knitting piece, it spent me lots of time. The big ear I sewed by hand also spent me a lot of time, and I know maybe next time I can use the pin to replace sewing. Due to the suit is unisex, so I found a female and a male to try on the garment, it showed the different feeling which is the most interesting thing I think.
In conclusion, the project extended my view and I thought a lot of exaggerated silhouettes, also I known how to make a trouser.