illustration body.jpg

I chose 6 different style design to make the collection more diversification. The main colour are blue and green, the media I chose is marker. The first design I used the pattern chose from my personal items, I just chose the geometrical pattern and the oblique line. The second design I used more geometrical element, I want the 3D shape and the shape have angle. Then I used some exaggerated shape which related to the shape of ear, and I used the idea about the sound wave, I use the circle shape as the sleeves and use the fringe to show the  line of sound wave. The late two design is a set, which are the front and back. The front I design a ear shape decoration, which can divide into two part, but when garment closed, it will become a shape of ear. My design’s point is in the back, I want to make a exaggerated shape on the back, because I want to express sometimes we may hear someone say something which is not the truth on the back, also I design some circle and square piece to make this not very serious and more interesting. The treasure I want to make one leg is very long and thin, another is very short and lose, I will use different colour. The decoration on the treasure also use the circle and square piece.