Male Scottish Clothing


Men’s highland dress includes a kilt (or trews) of his clan tartan, along with either a tartan full plaid, fly plaid, or short belted plaid. Accessories may include a belt, sporran, sgian dubh, tartan socks, garters, kilt pins and clan badges.

16 century menswear

earl-southampton-1600.large.jpg58b4ca5c018519a41c92d72ed62bb36b.jpg91c3f758afb8ba1048bf015bcc3887a0.jpgIn the first half of the 16th century men wore  a short and wide silhouette and the jacket was striking. This was broad, reaching to the knees and had very large sleeves to elbow height. The trousers reaching to the knees, which they wore stockings and  hats that were equipped with springs.



After the First World War, the lounge suit, with its shorter jacket, began replacing the frock coat for everyday and business dress. People had an effect with straight-leg trousers worn high-waisted with double-breasted waistcoats.