The fabric I chosen are very simple without any decoration, I used the colour which are black, dark gray and dark green. Because I want to pay more attention to the shape and my notion is freedom and tight, so I think much colours or vivid colours don’t conform to my mind. Beside, I chosen the fabric which is very hard, because I want it can hold the shape, and I chosen reflection fabric which is soft. Through the soft fabric and hard contrast to prominently the characteristics of the fabric.


I make a collar and tie the neck very tight, because I want to use the collar to express the pressure. Actually, I don’t know how to make a collar, I never learn how to pattern cutting, so I searched some information from the Internet and watched some video on Youtube. So I follow the step to start making a collar and I choose the a litter harder fabric,which I want it can have a shape. First, I use the pattern to cut two the same size pieces and sew them together, but don’t sew the short part, then I cut two pieces which are more longer than the last one. Next, sew the top of the collar, roll up another side and just sew the beginning and the end of the edges, finally turn it over, there is a collar and I don’t sew a button to close it,because I want to use the string to tie it more tight.

I use the very hard fabric to sew a shoulder pad, because I want it can keep the shape. Besides, because of the hard fabric, it so hard to sew it together and make a shape. I try to make the shape like a stone on the shoulder, I sew a overall shape and sew some point to make some folding.

Because of my fashion film’s content,which someone struggle to free her/himself, so I use the knife to make some scars on the chest and the back.

I make a long sleeve which composed of two parts, the top is a very loose sleeve and I also sew a very tight sleeve on the bottom which is unwearable sleeve.

I also make another sleeve. I inspired from the sample which tutor showed us and I think about it whether I can mix and match, so I try to put some together, after several times try I find a way can follow the arm’s shape and easy to sew a sleeve. First, I make some folding which are follow the arms’ shape, then fold the fabric and cross shear, I pull the fabric and  it will distortion and looks like a grid shape, next I sew the two sides. Because my whole look is dark colour, so I use the spray paint to colour the calico. Besides, I don’t want the whole part are black, so I left a part of sleeve which is white.

Due to the fabric I chosen is a very soft and reflection fabric, so it can have many folding, however, or put it to another way, because I want to make a oversize piece and the garment’s shoulder more than the actual shoulder, so I put a very hard fabric behind the soft reflection fabric to make the garment can keep the shape.

Finally, I put each part on the manikin, and sew them together, then it”s done.