I watched the photos which is by Nick Knight. It showed the man who wear the underwear, Combining the peekaboo lace, strict corsetry and seductive frills more usually applied to female underpinnings, even not underwear per se, but more lingerie for male. Actually, at the beginning, I think it is in order to show the freedom when male wear the underwear with the highly-posed, but after I searched some information about those photos, I think I can’t relate those to the movement and it looks so feminine, so finally I don’t want to use those photos .

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Man In Tights

This fashion film is to showcase the Autumn/Winter 2008 menswear collection, in this film, the actors wear the tight garment which is made of the nylon and lycra, they repeat the action again and again and also those movement are regular and orderly. I think they repeat the action so many time, because they want to express the notion is the texture of fabric, so we can see the texture of garment is very soft and stretchy. Besides, in this season’s collection, there are some element which are the gymnastic and sport. After watched the film, it inspired me a lot, sometimes the garment is bound and tight the  figure, although we are moving, it’s still uncomfortable, so I want to use this idea which is the tight garment bound the figure.

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The Fall Of The Corset 

This film shows the fashion and freedom, which new responsibility gave women new freedom and led to new ways of dressing, as silhouettes and social codes changed. During the First World War, the mass exodus of men to the battlefields gave British women the chance and sometimes the obligation to try new roles and taken on n responsibilities. As men left home to fight the frontline, over a million women joined the industrial workforce, taking on jobs as well as in offices and factories, with these jobs came a need for new clothing: freer, looser and more practical. In this film, at the beginning, a women was put on the corset, which is very bounding the body and uncomfortable. Then the males used rope to fasten the figure and control her like a puppet , however, the women suddenly waked up and thought she need to change this status, so she pushed over the males and struggle to free herself, finally she got the freedom and she felt release a lot. It is quiet interesting film and it inspired me a lot, also I want to use this idea in my final fashion film.