Due to the fashion film called Man In Tights, I inspired a lot. It has connection with gymnastic, also I think gymnastic has many different and special movement, so I search some information related to the gymnastic. The photographer Lois Greenfield’s work is the most attracted me, in the work, we can see there are many people in the same picture and they fit in with a performance. Those movement are quiet interesting and the combination of actions are very imaginative and creative, so I use the line to draw the movement. Then I develop this idea, I think we have many different movement in our daily life, so I also draw several movement and put them together to show the change of action.


I took those photo when I went to London, I used slow shutter speed and in this photo the person didn’t move, however, the traffic behind her was moving. I think some movement which are not made of by human beings sometimes are very different and beautiful like the line of the traffic. The line of the traffic let me associate the special material like waterproof fabric, glistening fabric and pellucid fabric. So I make a mood board to show the fabric which I associate from the photos. I want to some part use the stretchy fabric and some part use the hard which is not easy anamorphic fabric to show the contrast with freedom and bounding. 


Another idea is about basketball, but this time I don’t pay attention to the movement when athletes play basketball, however, the basketball hoop attracted me. Because when the ball throw in the basket, the net will shake and there are a lot of different shape, I think it is quiet interesting. Also I pay attention to the iron frame, although the net is very soft, the iron frame fix  the net, so the net can easier change different shape. From this theory, I make a sample which use the iron wire to make a shape and put the fabric on the surface of the iron wire. Besides, I think the net also is very good pattern and the shape is easy changed, so using like the mesh fabric can make the garment more elastic and flexible.


I like to watch the path when someone is smoking, the smoke drift away, leaving the path of the smoke. Also in the atmosphere, smoke consist in everywhere, it is very freedom and  unconstrained, however in our life there are many things bounding us, so I want to use the smoke to represent the freedom. Additionally, I draw a figure which is not complete and made of the smoke, I want to express a willing, people want to release themselves like the smoke, so that their mind and body can get more freedom and flexible.