Saturday I went to V&A Museum to get some ideas, at first I went to Europe venue, I saw a range of sculptures, they have abundant posture which were very interesting.These sculptures showed a lot of information, for example, the history, the culture and how people used to live in the past etc. Besides, I also went to the fashion venue and photography venue, there were a range of dramatic design which I can learn a lot from those. img_3433img_3431img_3430

However, from all of the artwork, the most attracted me was The Judgement of  Solomon. The elaborate sculpture is based on an episode from the Old Testament in which King Solomon rules in a disputed between two women both claiming the same child. The king cleverly decrees that the child should be cut into two, at which point the real mother reveals herself by renouncing the child so that his life might be spared. This is a qiuet interesting story, however, a detail which is the belt on the garment attracted me a lot. The belt can adject the size of the garment, it very fit my notion which is about freedom and bounding. So I develop it and draw several different belt and using the belt to match some style.






Waste Painting

Object: Print
Place of origin:London, England (published)
Date: 2001 (made)
Artist/Maker: Peter Saville, born 1955 (artist)
Hetherington, Paul (artist)
Wakefield, Howard (artist)
SHOWstudio (publishers)
Materials and Techniques: Print, digital inkjet
Credit Line: Purchased through the Julie and Robert Breckman Print Fund

I really like the painting’s colour, the picture gives a very comfortable feeling, although the light blue and white are very contrasted with black and red. Besides, this painting looks like the sea wave, let me feel the sea is flowing. It inspired me a lot, I related to the tie-dyes, so I used paper with the similar colour to make a tie-dyes piece. I want to use this as the fabric in my garment, so I also draw several design which related to the oversize shape.