Fall 216


The five-year-old Swedish label does so by stripping away all unnecessary decoration, branding, product names, even designer credit, so we can see those clothes are very minimal, unobtrusive, however the look book is different from the style of the design, model show the clothes with a long jacket, so we can see the line of clothes when we are moving, so that although all the design is minimal, but the style looks like more dynamic. I think it is a good way to show the clothes which are designed without much decoration.

Gypsy Sport

Spring 2017

Easy to see, the notion of this season is about sport like baseball, football, basketball etc. This collection showed the football jersey, a piece of West African indigo fabric, trimmed with lace, which are very special I think. The first impression when I see this brand, it is full of living colour, masculine and feminine are turned upside down and inside out, also the fringed with tassels attracted me. When we are walking, at the same time with tassels around the swing. The trimmed with lace don’t limit the figure and asymmetric flapper dress is like the sea wave which shows the frequency and dynamic.I think movement not only the action of the moving, also can be a concrete subject like the fringed with tassels and asymmetric dress, which have a tendency to move.

Rick Owens 

FW 2017

Rick Owens usually use the minimal and  simple color, which are the same color or the pure color in a style, but we can see there are several layer in a clothes, for example, the garment is very free, unconstrained and disengaged,it don’t limit the body, which means it give the space to let body move. Besides, we can see some shapes interlace and look like the river flowing. The fabric also have good texture, so that the drape can hold stably.  I think this brand show us the movement in the garments, although the model stand here, we still can feel a sense of flow and dynamic.